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Hale Boggs, Watergate and the JFK assassination

Douglas Caddy

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In this interview Nick Begich talks about the strange circumstances surrounding the deaths of his father, the Congressman from Alaska, and of Representative Hale Boggs in October 1972. He shows how the Watergate scandal might have elevated Boggs to become President and how just prior to his death Boggs was advocating the reopening of the Warren Commission of which he was a member. (Could it be that Boggs had connected the dots between the JFK assassination and Watergate and was determined to expose these?)

Begich also discloses that while the wreckage of the plane that carried Boggs and his father was never found, documents obtained under FOIA by a publication reveal that the U.S. government was aware at the time of the incident that two of the plane’s occupants were alive at the crash site.

The above observations by Begich are made in the fifth and final video. However, the preceding four videos contain vital information by him on a number of important subjects and viewing them is time well spent.


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