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Laurent Guyenot

Laurent Guyenot

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I was born in France in 1960. I originally earned a degree in engineering (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées), which proved useless for the brief career in pottery that I then undertook. I am now teaching English in high school. In 2008, I completed a PhD thesis which I then turned into two books, La Lance qui saigne (The Bleeding Spear) and La Mort féerique (Fairy Death), both dealing with tales and legends of immortal heroes and restless ghosts in medieval romance.

I see JFK as the hero who saved us from nuclear apocalypse, and is still bleeding in Elysium (where womanizing is forgiven) while longing, neither for vengeance nor for the public cult he deserves, but for mankind to be freed from the dark forces which took his life, then his brother's, then his son's, and which are feeding on the war and hatred they spread in the world.

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