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Jim DiEugenio, Does Your Commitment to Counter the Relentless Anti JFK & RFK Propaganda Ever Overwhelm You?

Guest Tom Scully

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Guest Tom Scully

JFK's "best friend", Charles Bartlett, was closer to Prescott and GHW Bush, and to Cord Meyer than he was to JFK.

In the course of researching my next post for the Skull & Bones thread, I came upon this. First, some background.:


Joseph Patrick Kennedy....

Named after his uncle Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., he is the eldest son of U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy and Ethel Skakel Kennedy and a member of the Kennedy family.....

Kennedy was born in Brighton, a neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, to Robert Francis Kennedy and Ethel Kennedy, the second of their eleven children. He had a troubled youth, and was expelled from several private schools as a result of his quick temper. He regularly got into fights with his younger brothers and male cousins.[1] A restless, impulsive teenager, he left the Milton Academy, a private, college preparatory school, in Milton, Massachusetts, before graduating from the Manter Hall School — also a private, college-preparatory school — in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1971.[2][3]

....Other details making Macomber interesting are that he was the best man in the weddings of George Bush's sister, and 27 years later, also of Thomas J. Devine. In Sept., 1960, Macomber requested that the FBI investigate Lee Harvey Oswald and a handful of other defectors.:


Joan Mellen:


--Document id number: 1993.06.10.18:04:90000. JFK 201-289248. OSW 12. Vol/Folder V53B. Title: Comparative Statistics Concerning Bloc and US Defectors. 9/23/60. Who from: Richard D. Gatewood, IRC/STATE. Whoto: William B. Macomber, Jr. /State. NARA.

Macomber was Prescott Bush's guest at the ceremony where JFk was sworn in as a senator.

Macomber attended a 1971 meeting with Nixon white house officials where he committed his support in a planned campaign to discredit Daniel Ellsberg. Macomber in the same year facilitated a white house staffer's request to give E. Howard Hunt access to 240 secret 1963 Diem related State Dept. cables, without asking about or arranging for verification of Hunt's level of security clearance. Hunt's purpose was to construct forgeries of the cables to implicate JFK and RFK in the assassinations of Vietnamese leader Diem and his brother.


* " ,o D aloes


File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML

ment cables, apparently with no check at all on Hunt's own security status. Youn=g's ... quate authority and security clearance, State Department ... Macomber could not recall a conversation with Young concerning Hunt. Bray said, however, that records ... ly noted, however, that as of. July, 1971, Young had been ...

Among the names early in this post associated with the Atlantic Council, and taking into account Macomber's close relations with the Bushes and Thomas J. Devine and his early knowledge of Lee Harvey Oswald, can we discount or dismiss the following?

1.) Macomber had a close history with WC's Sen. John Sherman Cooper

2.) Macomber's brother John was and is a longtime officer of the Atlantic Council and an

investor in Bush family business ventures, a Bush appointee, and hired Thomas J. Devine as a V.P. at Celanese Corp.

3.) Bush, Devine, and through this link, Atlantic Council's James R. Green(e) are all directly associated with George de Mohrenschildt!


(Testimony of George S. De Mohrenschildt Resumed)

Mr. Jenner.

the Commercial Bank of Haiti to be of further advantage to the people of Haiti."

Mr. Jenner.

You have read the two columns appearing under that heading that you described.

Now, would you read the column to the right of those two columns?

Mr. DE MOHRENSCHILDT. "Mr. C. J. Charles, honorary citizen of the city of New York. Mr. Clemard Joseph Charles, president and director of the Bank Commercial of Haiti, Port-au-Prince, has come back yesterday morning with his charming wife, Sophie, from a trip of 2 weeks in New York, and was accompanied by Mr. James R. Green, vice president of the Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co., ...

4.)Macomber's brother, John, was a fellow officer of the Atlantic Council with William HG Fitzgerald, senior US member of the Knights of Malta, Bush ambassador to Ireland, and.... a groom in a 1943 wedding where Fitzgerald's best man is.... Ernest L. Byfield, Jr.! ...


The Boston Phoenix

January 28 - February 4, 1999

Bush league

John Ellis may be the Globe's most intriguing op-ed columnist. He's certainly the best connected.

Don't Quote Me by Dan Kennedy

Last Saturday, John Ellis finally threw in the towel. Ever since the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, Ellis had used his op-ed column in the Boston Globe to excoriate Bill Clinton as a sleazy xxxx who's demeaned his office -- and to predict the president's imminent demise. Sneers a critic of Ellis's at a competing news organization: "Clinton's resignation has been certain every day for a year now. One of these days it might actually happen."....

...Clinton, you see, turned Ellis's Uncle George into a one-term president back in 1992. Of course, one needn't be related to George Bush to conclude that Clinton is a scumbag; but it doesn't hurt, either. And the family connections don't stop there. Ellis's late grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a US senator from Connecticut. A first cousin, George W. Bush, is governor of Texas and a possible Republican candidate for president. Another first cousin, Jeb (as in John Ellis Bush), is governor of Florida. In fact, it's likely that the only journalists in America more genetically well-connected than Ellis are George magazine editor John Kennedy and NBC correspondent Maria Shriver....

....Ellis's mildly conservative eclecticism is, on his non-Clinton days anyway, the best thing going. And though Ellis's network of relationships may be an occasional source of discomfort, it also offers some insight into a man whose phlegmatic exterior masks considerable drive and ambition.

"He was a ferocious football player," recalls former congressman Joe Kennedy, who was Ellis's roommate at Milton Academy and remains his friend. "He was captain of the football team. A lineman. One of those guys who, when he put on a football helmet, just became a different personality. John has the killer instinct in him when he wants it to come out."

To a degree that no doubt makes some of his fellow journalists suspicious, if not envious, John Prescott Ellis, 45, moves easily among those with power and wealth. ...

...And we really grew up with the George Bush kids. Jebbie and I, because we're exactly the same age, would go to visit my grandmother and grandfather together in Washington and Florida. A lot of the boys came up here north to school. And my mother and dad lived in Lincoln" -- they moved from Concord when Ellis was 16 -- "so that's where they came with their laundry when they got the weekend off."

Ellis went to Yale, his Uncle George's alma mater (he says he declined an invitation to join Skull and Bones, the secret society to which Bush belonged), and hooked on at NBC as a temporary researcher in 1978. ....

(The author of this article did not bother to discover that Ellis's ghost of a father, Alexander Ellis, Jr., a man who chose William B. Macomber, Jr., (as did Thomas J. Devine in his 1973 wedding) as his best man, was also Skull & Bones.)

....Ellis's closest brush with public controversy came last February, at a Kennedy School forum on media coverage of the Lewinsky frenzy. Under prompting from moderator Marvin Kalb, Ellis conceded that a tidbit in one of his previous columns had come from Starr's office -- a faux pas, since other journalists were careful enough to attribute their leaks vaguely, to "sources familiar with the investigation" or some such thing. Later, New York Daily News columnist Lars-Erik Nelson acidly noted Ellis's family ties and wrote that Ellis's remark was evidence that Starr was using leaks "to hound the President from office." Ellis's admission has caused him some problems: he says he can't talk about it "on the advice of counsel," an apparent reference to the possibility that he'll be (has been?) questioned in an ongoing investigation into Starr's conduct.

Perhaps every columnist should be conceded one blind spot, and clearly Ellis's is Clinton. But soon Ellis may be facing an ethical challenge that will make his Clinton problem look insignificant: George W. Bush's possible presidential candidacy. Bush is widely considered the front-runner for the Republican nomination and is running ahead of Al Gore, the likely Democratic nominee, in early polls. If the Clinton columns raise questions about Ellis's ability to be fair on matters touching his family, Ellis doesn't see it that way:.....


Cousin John's calls tipped election tally

As US news networks raced to declare the winner, Fox enjoyed a natural advantage.

Melinda Wittstock in New York

The Observer, Saturday 18 November 2000 19.30 EST

John Ellis is not unlike any other American journalist in wanting to be first with big news. At the helm of Rupert Murdoch's Fox News Network's election night decision team, he achieved the now dubious distinction of being the first to call Florida - and the presidential election - for George W. Bush. The numbers he was working from were not official, but the viewers did not know that. Nor did they know that Ellis was very chummy with Bush - he's his first cousin.

No one might have given Ellis much notice if the election was not still hanging by a chad almost two weeks later - or if he had not bragged to the New Yorker magazine that throughout what's come to be known as 'Indecision 2000' he was constantly on the phone with his cousins George and Florida's Governor 'Jebbie', tipping them off with the latest internal projections on the voting.

The revelation has caused disquiet within the more high-minded of media circles, not least because his decision to call it for 'Dubya' on Fox at 2:16am forced the hand of competing networks. CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS followed the Ellis lead within four minutes, only to be forced into embarrassing retractions less than two hours later. But the fateful decision has proved convenient for Republicans in the ongoing PR war, say media watchers, creating a lasting impression that Bush 'won' the White House - and all the legal wrangling down in Florida is just a case of Democratic 'snippiness'.

'The notion you'd have the cousin of one presidential candidate in a position to call a state, and the election, is unthinkable,' says Tom Rosenstiel, director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism. 'Fox's call - wrong, unnecessary, misguided, foolish - helped create a sense that the election went to Bush, was pulled back, and it's just a matter of time before his President-elect title is restored.

'But that said, John Ellis is a good man, a good journalist whose judgment was overcome by excitement. He put himself in an impossible situation, but the mistake was not so much his as Rupert Murdoch's for putting him in that position.'

Ellis, the son of former President Bush's sister, Nancy Ellis, opted to fall on his sword....

MISS NANCY BUSH BECOMES A BRIDE:She Is Attended by Nine at Marriage in Glenville, Bonn., to Alexander Ellis Jr. ESCORTED BY HER FATHER William Maoomber Best Man for Yale Alumnus, Former Airborne Lieutenant Mittendorff--Likely

Special to THE NEW YORK TIMES.Jey Te Winburn. :Oct 27, 1946. p. 58 (1 pp.)



New York Times - Feb 19, 1967

The president of t.lac FoundsLion for Youth and Student Affairs, Arthur A. Houghton Jr., who is president of Steuben Glass, conceded in v statement last ..


The years go by.... Plimpton and Debevoise are mentioned in the article displayed above this sentence. Both men have strong ties to McCloy. in 1954, Macomber was Warren Commissioner John Sherman Cooper's Chief of Staff, set up by Charley Bartlett. Debevoise father Thomas, was John D. Rockefeller, Jr.'s attorney, McCloy succeeded him. Debevoise and his son-in-law were both Skull & Bones. Plimpton's son, George, was Paris Review partner of Thomas J. Devine's partner, John Train. So was Peter Matthiessen of the CIA.

Houghton and Henry Crown were the largest benefactors of the Aspen Institute, with Paul Nitze and his sister. hoguhton was related to D'Oench of OSS. Robert G. Stone, Jr. married Godfrey S. Rockefeller's daughter, their daughter married the son of William HG Fitzgerald, whose best man was Ernest L. Byfield. Stone, Jr. used the Harvard endowment to help bail out Allen Quasha, who bailed out oil drilling failure, GW Bush. Stone's brother, David, was trustee for one of the CIA funds described above. Stone, Jr. was rewarded with a seat on the board of RS Reynolds, along with Jonathan Bush. Reynolds father was given an engagement dinner by the man who would become the godfather of Quasha's siter, Jill, many years later, Frank A. Vanderlip, Jr., son of a Jekyll Island principal.

Such an energetic interconnected, surprisingly small group of conservatives, and through it all, the Kennedys are used for target practice, and political punching bags, but were, and still are, good friends with these monsters.

I lost hope when I discovered that Bobby Kennedy had to be aware that Albert Jenner was counsel for a Hoffa and the Dorfmans from 1953 and did nothing about it. Discovering that RFK oversaw the placement of Howard Willens at the head of the DOJ criminal division, and as DOJ liason to the WC, knowing that Willens father had moved next door to Tony Accardo was just icing on the cake.

Even so, reading this week that Joe Kennedy was still friends with John Ellis in 1999 and had been Ellis's boarding school roommate, made me question why I should waste another minute at this work.

Maybe Jim can explain how a whole family, especially the siblings and children of the slain president and attorney general and senator, can have such a history of cluelessness and still be deserving of his consistent and sometimes passionate representation of reputation.

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Guest Tom Scully

I did a thread on Bartlett.:


Ed Hooker was an usher in Cord Meyer's first cousin, S. Willett's Meyer's wedding. Cord and S. willet, along with Bartlett's brother, David, were ushers in Cord's brother, William's wedding. I looked into David, and found that his brother Charles introduced JFK to Jackie when both attended David's wedding to Gladys Pulitzer. When I found out the Bartlett boys grew up on Jupiter Island, I was hooked!

Bartlett won a Pulitzer because Pres Bush served on a Senate Defense oversight committee and leaked some dirt to Bartlett about the Air Force Secretary. i thought it was an Op to create a vacancy for James H. Douglas, Jr. to fill.: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=17733&view=findpost&p=226364

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I did a thread on Bartlett.:


Ed Hooker was an usher in Cord Meyer's first cousin, S. Willett's Meyer's wedding. Cord and S. willet, along with Bartlett's brother, David, were ushers in Cord's brother, William's wedding. I looked into David, and found that his brother Charles introduced JFK to Jackie when both attended David's wedding to Gladys Pulitzer. When I found out the Bartlett boys grew up on Jupiter Island, I was hooked!

Bartlett won a Pulitzer because Pres Bush served on a Senate Defense oversight committee and leaked some dirt to Bartlett about the Air Force Secretary. i thought it was an Op to create a vacancy for James H. Douglas, Jr. to fill.: http://educationforu...ndpost&p=226364

Ed Hooker introduced his oil partner George DeMohrenschildt to his second wife, Dr. De De Sharples, a Philadelphia Main Line, blueblood socialite.

Do you have anything on her Tom?

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