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Roy Truly Mauser

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I think i post this as a reply but i decided to start this as a topic We know that he brought a Mauser in to work a couple days before the 22. Then some of the first reports after the assassination said a mauser was found. I always found this to be a little odd.

What does everyone think about this? Also was he ask to produce the Mauser just to test it to see if it had beed recently fired?

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Guest Tom Scully

Mark..... Warren Caster brought two rifles into the TSBD and showed them to Roy Truly and some of Roy's employees. Caster was the manager of South-Western Publishing, another business with rented office space inside the TSBD.

Since there already is a topic of long standing on this very subject, would you object to merging this new thread with the existing thread?

Roy Truly's later testimony to the Warren Commission (7H 381-382):

Mr. Ball: Your testimony is filed in volume 28, I believe, of the Commission here. There are certain matters which have come to the attention of the Commission since then that I would like to inquire about, and that's the reason we are taking your deposition, which will be in addition to the testimony you have already given.

Do you recall anytime that you saw any guns in the Texas School Book Depository Building?

Mr. Truly: Yes; I did.

Mr. Ball: Prior to November 22, 1963?

Mr. Truly: Yes; I saw two guns on November 20.

Mr. Ball: Whose guns were they?

Mr. Truly: They belonged to Mr. Warren Caster.

Mr. Ball: Now, before inquiring into the circumstances of seeing two guns that belonged to Mr. Warren Caster on November 20, 1963, I'll ask you whether or not you ever at anytime before that time or after that time saw guns in the Texas School Book Depository Building?

Mr. Truly: Never before.


Mr. Ball: Before the assassination, was there any other occasion besides the one we are inquiring about, when you saw guns in the Texas School Book Depository Building?

Mr. Truly: Never.

Mr. Ball: On November 20, 1963, you saw two guns owned by Mr. Warren Caster, can you tell me where and when and the circumstances under which you saw these guns?

Mr. Truly: It was during the lunch period or right at the end of the lunch period on November 20. Mr. Caster came in the door from the first floor and spoke to me and showed me two rifles that he had just purchased. I looked at these and picked up the larger one of the two and examined it and handed it back to Mr. Caster, with the remark that it was really a handsome rifle or words to that effect, at which time Mr. Caster explained to me that he had bought himself a rifle to go deer hunting with, and he hadn't had one and he had been intending to buy one for a long time, and that he had also bought a .22 rifle for his boy.

Mr. Ball: Did you handle the .22 rifle?

Mr. Truly: Not that I recall.

Mr. Ball: You did see it, though?

Mr. Truly: I did see it.

Truly's testimony can be read here: http://www.jfk-assassination.de/warren/wch/vol7/page381.php

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