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Ok, Craig. I think I know what you mean. Though, it'd be interesting to see an image of the type of tripod used by the fuzz then.

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I absolutely agree. I thought I had mentioned that, but I appear to have forgotten to do so.

The real problem is whether taking CE 893 Zapruder 210 (though I understand this frame was really Z208 and not Z210 according to Tom Purvis) the angle from JFK's body to the rifle in the window was taken from this camera instrument. CE893 says this angle was 21º 34'.

Whatever the reason for the position of the camera, if the angle was taken from this instrument then clearly that angle was too high.

Since I initially posted I have noticed that this figure is in Robert West's original sheet of figures. I am now hoping the figure is his and all that was created by the camera instrument were the pictures and not the measurements.


First off, might I recommend that one "doubt" anything stated and/or claimed by Tom Purvis.

Unless of course he can provide some form of corraborating evidence to support the claim.*

*See Altered Evidence on Mary Ferrell sight.

Next, as those who have hopefully received the information by know are aware.

1. The survey information IS NOT to the rifle and/or it's position as held by Shaneyfelt.

The survey information is in fact to the rifle position as held by FBI Agent Frazier as he sat down on boxes, with the weapon at the far right of the window. (as looking out).

After the game of "musical chairs" in which Shaneyfelt stood at the Zapruder position and guided the re-enactment vehicle to designated spots, Mr. West thereafter surveyed in this information, as well as determination of angles and distances back to the rifle as held by Frazier in the window.

2. Thereafter, Frazier went to the Zapruder position and Shaneyfelt went to the Sixth Floor Window.

Frazier guided the re-enactment vehicle to the previously marked & designated positions, and Shaneyfelt (in the sixth floor window) took re-enactment photographs from the position/location at which he set up the camera. (which was neither the location; position; nor angle, as determined from Frazier's having been at the window.

"Nobody could have accurately fired that rifle from the way they had it "jacked up".

Mr. Robert West to Tom Purvis during one of my visits to his home in Dallas in the early 1990's

P.S. As those "in the know" are also aware, the angle back to the position of the rifle, IS NOT from the street elevation of Elm St. (which is not given anywhere within the WC evidence).

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