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Clint Wheat

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If anyone has a picture of Clint Wheat, maybe James could do a comparison of the spectators in Dealy Plaza.

Wheat came to the attention of Jim Garrison after he received a letter from a former FBI informant Chester Warman dated May 10, 1968. Wheat, a former Louisiana Klansman who hosted far-right paramilitary meetings at his house, was reported to have spoken on more than one occasion about assassinating President Kennedy. This was not uncommon at these type meetings or this time period. What is of interest is that Wheat helped secure the trailer and weapons that Loran Hall, Celio Castro-Alba and Lawrence Howard brought to Dallas in the Fall of 1963. Additionally, according to FBI 124-10178-10206, Agency File Number 89-75-907, Wheat borrowed $400 from his neighbor to get to Dallas for 11/22. When Wheat heard that Garrison was interested in him, he disappeared. Word is that he later called his wife from a military base.


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