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For those who read this in the MLK area, my apologies for the redundancy but I'm not sure

how many folks actually go there.

So...I'm going to issue (for the last time I promise) an invitation not only visit one or both

of my relatively new blogs. And for anyone doing related research, I'm happy to

consider posting it there for you. The focus of the blogs is not nearly as broad as the

forum, but if you are digging into topics related to things I cover in the books, it might be

a fit - for example on the JFK blog we have some good new research going on the January

incident at Redbird and Bill Simpich is putting up some great posts on Spy games in Mexico City.


The MLK blog is brand new and rather than getting stuck in all the

standard debates about individual pieces of evidence or what

sources to trust about which I'm trying to cultivate some thought

on broader questions and problems in pursuing conspiracies - such

as the FBI's tendency to clear anyone from involvement if they

were not at the actual scene of the crime (sigh). Such issues with

both the Bureau and the Justice Department are among the things we

wrestle with in the our new MLK assassination book. You will find

that blog at:


If you have some new/related research on either topic you think might fit, email

me at larryjoe@westok.net

-- Larry

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