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I also came across this.

Sir Roger Moore does an outstandingly revealing and fascinating commentary on all his Bond movies on their DVD editions.

His 2005 commentary of the Live & Let Die movie reveals that while filming in Louisiana in 1972, Attorney General Jim Garrison invited him and the crew to tour his headquarters and they were shown a 8mm copy of--presumably--the Zapruder film of the JFK assassination. This is exactly what Sir Roger said beginning at

in the movie with his commentary turned on to superimpose over the soundtrack:

"One day when we were shooting in, eh...New Orleans, we were invited by Jim Garrison, who was the then District Attorney to visit the City Hall...we went and it was very Bond-like...we went into a garage and doors were shut behind us, elevator doors; we went up and the doors were shut in his office...and he then showed this 8mm footage of the assassination of President Kennedy...which backed-up his theory of....there being...shots from front and back....very Bond-like...

I thought that he was very credible....

I still do...

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Ian Fleming's crude mobster - "Sluggsy"

Was he a David Ferrie character?

- p. 75 The Spy Who Loved Me (1962)

Horror looked across at me. His expression was cold., uninterested. “Ya shouldn’t of hit Sluggsy, lady. The boy’s tough. He don’t like the dames not to go for him. Thinks may be on account of his kisser. Been like that since he done a spell in solitary at San Q. Nervous sickness. What’s that the docs call it, Sluggsy?”

Sluggsy looked proud. He brought the Latin words out carefully. “Alopecia totalis. That means no hair see? Not a one.” He gestured at his body. “Not here, or here, or here. What d’ya know about hat, eh, bimbo.”

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