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Question regarding Oswald transfer

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I am reading where there were 70 or 75 armed police officers in the basement of the DPD at the time of the Oswald transfer. I am completely blown away trying to understand why these officers were not actively involved in the security of the transfer.

".......Captain Jones explained to us that, when they brought the prisoner out, that he wanted two lines formed and we were to keep these two lines formed, you know, a barrier on either side of them, kind of an aisle. We were kind of to make an aisle for them to walk through, and when they came down this aisle, we were to keep this line intact and move along with them until the man was placed in the car."

( Testimony of Det. Thomas Donald McMillon in 13 H 43 )

So why weren't these lines formed on either side of the prisoner ?

Why wasn't the car in position ?

Why was the "all clear" given to move the prisoner when NEITHER of the above security precautions were yet in place ?

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