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HSCA Volume VI: Comments on the Panel's Report by Robert Groden

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Thanks for this.

It is my understanding that the Photographic Panel of the HSCA could not find the negative for the Betzner #3 photo and because of this it was not analyzed by the Photographic Panel.

I am wondering if the negative for that photo has been located?

NOTE: Initially, Robert Groden, a photographic consultant to the committee advised the panel as to pertinent photographic issues and related materials. Committee investigators located many of the suggested films and photographs, however, some items were never located, i.e. the Babushka Lady film, a color photograph by Norman Similas, and the original negative of the Betzner photograph.

EDIT: Bernice I see the Betzner you posted. Thank you.

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I still cannot get over the damage inflicted on the Dillard photographs. I have my doubts the Warren Commission "Dillard's" are genuine.

Hi Lee if i recall correctly, they were in perfect condition when handed in, but the damage was accidentally :tomatoes done when they supposedly were analysing them......like oops.......b

this may have the information within, take care b.


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“..there is a great deal of evidence that a bullet was recovered from President Kennedy's body at the time of the autopsy..”

This point by Robert Groden makes no sense. It goes against everything we know so far. It would be great to discover that a bullet had been recovered. It would no longer be necessary to suggest that the bullet was removed from the body at some point prior to the autopsy.

Sibert & O’Neill make it clear that Humes was utterly confused when he had no bullets in the body to explain the wounds. The pre-autopsy X-Rays should no bullet in the upper chest area. In his HSCA interview Perry says that when he informed Humes about the throat wound, Humes replied “That explains it.” P. 306

In “In the Eye of History”, P. 186 Sibert denies he ever received a complete bullet or that one was recovered from the body. When O’Neill is interviewed he also denies a complete bullet recovered from the body.

So, although Robert Groden's comment would make it convenient had a bullet been found during the autopsy, evidence makes it clear that he is wrong and that no bullet ever was found during the autopsy.


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Thank you James, i , curious, went into In The Eye of History and clued up, yes there was much confusion and has been off and on down through the years from the way Sibert and Oneil described the fragment in their report, for those interested here is a link to MF

HSCA Report, Volume V! ..Recovered Bulet During JFK Autopsy......


best b

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