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JFK Lancer November in Dallas Conference

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Hi everyone, we are close to completing our schedule of speakers and

topics for the conference. The following is the basic information:

November In Dallas 04 sponsored by JFK Lancer

Dates November 18-21

Location: Crown Plaza Market Center; 7050 Stemmons Freeway

The conference will include:

* presentations of new research

* sessions with witnesses James Teague and Aubrey Rike

* sessions on research including research at NARA and the Mary Ferrell Foundation

* a screening of Mark Sobel's new film on the Warren Commission

* overview and discussion of the JFK Grand Jury initiative

* an update on the RFK murder and Sirhan Sirhan legal battle

* a guided walking tour of Dealey Plaza

* optional bus tours of assassination associated locations in Dallas

* a JFK remembrance ceremony at the pergola in the plaza

A preliminary list of speakers includes the following presenters


Rex Bradford / The JFK coffin mystery

Colin McSween / The Parkland Doctors Hospital medical reports

Bill Kelley / The Grand Jury initiative

Lamar Waldron / The Myth of the Kennedy Missile crisis compromise

Carol Hewitt / Lee Oswald and the Paines

Barbara LaMonica

Lawrence Teeter / Sirhan Sirhan and the RFK murder

Stuart Wexler / Research at NARA post ARRB

Tom Pinkston / New research on NAAA and the bullet fragments

Robert Chapman / The Mary Ferrell Foundation

William Law / Bethesda Autopsy Witnesses

Michael Cain / Richard Cain; the Castro and Kennedy assassinations

Hal Verb / JFK Assassination myths

Larry Hancock / The Kirknewton mystery, a pre-assassination conspiracy leak

Mark Sobel / The Warren Commission

Joe Biles / The Waggoner Carr papers

James Teague / Witness to the assassination

Aubrey Rike / Parkland witness

*List will be updated as confirmed. Keep checking the JFK Lancer website for topic and bio updates.

Further conference details and registration information may be found at:


Interested parties are invited to contact me with questions at larryjoe@westok.net

-- Larry

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