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Full Circle - Hard Evidence Comes

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FULL CIRCLE – New Orleans – Chicago – Dallas – New Orleans

JFKcountercoup: Full Circle - the Hard Evidence Comes

Rather than eyewitness reports, true crime homicide investigators prefer hard evidence they can follow that leads them to the perpetrators of the crime, especially if it was a planned covert conspiracy designed to protect those actually responsible.

Fingerprints, ballistics, automobile license plates and telephone records are all considered hard evidence, and in the investigation of the assassination of President Kennedy, there was one telephone record that really stands out and is worthy of more intense inquiry.

While Jack Ruby’s telephone records were extensively reviewed and provided many significant leads, the single most significant telephone call was made by Ruby’s Chicago friend Lawrence Meyers, ostensibly to his girlfriend Jean Aase. This phone call is mentioned by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison in his book “A Heritage of Stone,” and recounted in “On the Trail of the Assassins,” which was used as the basis for Oliver Stone’s movie “JFK.”

“On the Trail” (p. 126-130), in which Garrison checks out the records of David Ferrie’s phone calls from the office of attorney G. Ray Gill, where Ferrie worked on the case of the deportation of New Orleans Mafia don Carlos Marcello. Garrison wrote:

When I showed up at the Pere Marquette Building, Wray Gill came out to his waiting room to meet me. One of the city’s best trail lawyers, Wray bowed and extended a welcome in his ornate fashion all the way back to his private office, which looked down on the winding Mississippi River, 18 floors below. I was there because David Ferrie had worked as a part-time investigator for Gill in 1962 and 1963.

In Gill’s office I waved the small talk aside, “Wray,” I said, “I need a favor of you.”

“No problem,” he replied.

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JFKcountercoup: Full Circle - the Hard Evidence Comes

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