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Expose of John Simkin

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Not unlike the expose of John Simkin and the English subversion of America to involvement in WW11

by british so-called intelligence operatives.

I must ad the simplicity recalled of those times. We were little boy scouts in canada, and after the King and Qween

visit it 1939 we were obligated to stop boy scouts movements and join join military units while still in our mid-teens.

We were to become replacements for the later losses at Dieppe,France were the canada army was wiped out.

I knew many of those wreched people as former school mates. They died on the beaches as a trial run invasion

of France early on. We were slated to be replacements for such futhure actions in that stupid english war.

We were the Second Kent Regiment, Kent County Ontario Canada. Fortunately I desertad and entered the

United States in 1943, being a United States citizen through my American father. I salute John Simken for

exposing the subversive english/british for their subversive actions to involve All of North America in that

European war of stupidity.

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Corrected spelling in thread title.
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All wars are stupid, evil and few people except arms manufacturers benefit. The second World War which began on the 3rd of September 1939 was inevitable because of the financial support Big Business gave Hitler during during the 1930's. I applaud all of the nations who fought and defeated Nazi tyranny. Hitler’s obscene regime had to be destroyed even with the enormous cost in lives which it took.

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This was a reference to Mr. Simkin's previous post exposing British Intelligence and other

e.g. American and British/Canada subversives to trick all into WW11. Sadly I do not have the number of

Simkin's post on the subject. It was of historic importance.

A second apology is my spell-check failed horribly!

And yes, the U.S. was allied with Germany for two years after the war began in 1939, until December 7


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