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  1. Ronan O’Rahilly, who died in April this year, was one of the founders of pirate radio in Britain, with his station Radio Caroline (named after JFK’s daughter) In February 1964 O'Rahilly obtained the 702-ton former Danish passenger ferry Fredericia, which was converted into a radio ship. The ship was renamed MV Caroline and anchored off Felixstowe, Suffolk, where it began test transmissions on Friday, 27 March 1964. Great days, remember them well. He had been working on a documentary film, called King Kennedy, since renamed, A Brief Moment In Time. The film is about JFK, RFK and Martin Luther K
  2. William Manchester in his book “The Death of a President” writes…. “He (undertaker Vernon Oneal) was concerned about the Britannia’s pale satin upholstery; it was immaculate now, but could easily be stained. Motioning to Orderly David Sanders, Oneal directed him to line the inside of the coffin with a sheet of plastic. Nurse Doris Nelson and Diana Bowron swooped around, wrapping the body in a second plastic sheet. Then the undertaker asked Doris to bring him a huge rubber sheath and a batch of rubber bags. Placing the sheath over Sander’s plastic lining, he carefully cut the bags to size,
  3. The JFK autopsy photos have never been officially released. What we see today are bootlegged photos which first entered the public domain via Mark A. Crouch and James K. Fox. Crude attempts were made by someone to conceal the real nature of the wounds. In 1964 when the Warren Commission had access to them, they may have been un-doctored images depicting the reality of the wounds. I have no way of knowing this to be a fact, but I do know the Rydberg drawings do not depict the truth of the wounds. Specter, Rankin and no doubt all of the Commission members knew it as well. They would have do
  4. All this is fine James, but my point is, although they did have the autopsy photos etc, they were never going to rely on them for an accurate depiction of what happened in Dealey Plaza. Whereas one can understand that for possible reasons of taste they chose to rely on schematic drawings to illustrate JFK’s wounds. As they are misleading, they should never have been published in volume 16 of the 26 Volumes. If in 1964 an interested party were to examine the illustrations as published by the Warren Commission, they would discover that the Rydberg drawings are presented as fact. If schematic dra
  5. The Warren Commission chose not to study the autopsy photos and x-rays so as not to make them a part of the record. Reasons of taste apparently overrode historical accuracy. When the drawings were finished they were stood against a wall in an office at Bethesda and Humes said "We can fly with these" Specter's memo indicates that he knew the drawings were misleading and at some time in the future they will be compared with the autopsy photos and throw doubt on the Commissions conclusions. Which of course they have. The Commission chose to get by with them, knowing full well they are inaccurate,
  6. Specter effectively admits cover-up.
  7. Many thanks to Bart for his hard work helping to set this event up!
  8. Does anyone have a copy of "The Head of the Dog" by Harold Rydberg that they no longer want and are willing to sell it at a reasonable price?
  9. I will be displaying original documents regarding Harold Rydberg's experience,
  10. He was a remarkable man, gracious, witty, a delight to talk to. It was a honour and a privilege to have known him.
  11. It was with a profound sense of loss when I heard of the recent death of my good friend Skip Rydberg. He was the Bethesda Medical Illustrator who produced the Warren Commission drawings, exhibits 385,386 and 388. We were friends for 15 years and I fully supported his attempts to correct an historical inaccuracy regarding his Commission drawings. They gave a misleading impression of what really occurred. He was in no way responsible for this re-shaping of the truth. He was a fine man and a wonderful friend, I will miss him. May he rest in peace.
  12. Tribute to JFK to mark the 100th anniversary of his birth. On May 29th this year it was the 100th anniversary of the birth of John F. Kennedy. During that traumatic century mankind exhibited the best and the worst of its traits. There were many who willingly accepted great sacrifice in the face of overwhelming adversity. Brave men and women laid down their lives so that others could live and be free: but there were Some who possessed an appalling disregard for the sanctity of human life, who committed acts of bestial cruelty on a scale that truly defies belief. Evil men through th
  13. The Searchers is an excellent documentary focusing on the researchers of JFK's assassination. I am honoured to have played a very small part of this film (blink and you might miss it!) Randolph Benson, the Producer/Director, deserves our support. All JFK Researchers should see this film.
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