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Albert Thomas Anouncement

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I found something looking through the LBJ daily diary. On June 26, 1963 LBJ calls George Brown in Houston about the Albert Thomas announcement. And LBJ is calling at 8:15 a.m. So, what did Thomas announce? Can someone with access to a microfilm roll of a Houston newspaper, or maybe Nexis-Lexis goes back that far, look this up please? Thank you.

I would post a scan of this page but file attachments can't be bigger than a Hydrogen molecule these days.


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Also, I'm looking for a copy of this:

Francelle Pruitt has written an article detailing the role of Congressman Albert Thomas in

bringing the Manned Spacecraft Center to Houston, as well as highlighting some of his

connections to Rice and Vice President Lyndon Johnson that aided Thomas in seeing his plan

through to completion. See Francelle Pruitt, “Congressman Albert Thomas and NASA’s Coming

to Houston: A Study in Legislative Effectiveness, 1936–1966,” in Southwestern Historical

Quarterly 55 (April 2002), 583–614.



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