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Death of Gordon Novel

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Gordon Novel died last night.

It was claimed by Jim Garrison that Novel was formerly a member of the Central Intelligence Agency and was an associate of Sergio Arcacha Smith, David Ferrie and Guy Banister. It was also reported that Novel worked with the Cuban Revolutionary Front during the Bay of Pigs operation via the CIA proprietary, the Evergreen Advertising Agency.

According to William Torbitt Novel had been seen by a Dallas attorney having meetings with Jack Ruby and William Seymour in the Carousel Club during October and November, 1963. Another author, Paris Flammonde (The Kennedy Conspiracy), claims that Novel was questioned on five separate occasions following the assassination of Kennedy.


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In an interview in 2006 Novel rejected the claims that he was a CIA agent: "I’m not a CIA agent. I’m affiliated, I work with, and we have a mutual admiration society based upon my relationship with the individuals I work with.... The CIA has multiple sides but it’s been my experience over the years that they’re basically the only good guys in the entire United States government. They’re really patriots. Most of ‘em are patriots and I’ve never known... I personally have never known them to do anything criminal, ever. And they didn’t kill John Kennedy and they didn’t kill a lot of people that they’ve been accused of causing the death of but I don’t know that to be true. So I can tell you that my experience with ‘em has been like dealing with Eagle Scouts."


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[Posted by John Dolva on another thread]


Chapter three paragraph one.[of Joachim Joesten's book]

" One name that will be remembered for years to come whenever the death of President Kennedy is discussed, is that of Gordon Novel, the talkative CIA man. He may become more famous than Lee Harvey Oswald, and for a much better reason. For, while Oswald was only a small cog in a huge machine, Novel played a big role in the conspiracy. For that reason alone, the Warren Commission made sure it missed him completely, as it did. "

last paragraph

" I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of Novel's attorney - the one, I mean, who is sitting on a stack of explosive documents that could blow the whole Kennedy Murder Fraud sky-high. "


[i've edited and expanded my original reply, below. --T.G.]

John [Dolva],

I think the guy wearing the coat and tie directly behind Oswald's nose in this photo is Gordon Novel.

I know that James Richards pointed out a long time ago that this guy is holding a cigarette in other "captures" of this scene in the video/film, whereas Novel was a pipe smoker. My current theory is that Novel, not wanting to be "caught" on film with LHO, bummed a cig from one of his buddies (or already had some with him) and used it as a prop in helping to obscure his face when he was more visible to the camera..


[i "lifted" this photo from the John McAdams website. -T.G.]

--Tommy :sun

P.S. I've always wondered what kind of "message" the Japanese guy (Junichi Ehara?; on the left in above photo) was trying to convey to/about Oswald by standing and walking around with his arms "akimbo" like that. I suspect it was some kind of dirty inside joke about his perception that LHO was "gay" and/or being manipulated into a patsy role...

Here's another "capture" of the same scene. [Lifted from the Wikipedia article on LHO]


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