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That Massive Protrusion

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The following is a posting I recently made in alt.assassination.jfk, a usenet forum populated by some of the most radical lone nut advocates on the Internet. As you look at the images here, consider that McAdams replied by continuing to deny that there was any protrusion in the back of JFK's head.

That massive protrusion

Over the years, John McAdams has desperately tried to deny its existence, claiming that the massive protrusion in the back of the President's head did not exist.

He argued that frame 337 was some kind of photographic anomaly, depicting damage that does not exist in any of the other Zapruder frames. In a recent thread in which I tried to explain how the protrusion was created, he has blocked three consecutive posts.

Of course, this is not John's only "see no evil" pitch, as anyone who has seen his denial of the startle reactions following frame 285, knows:-)

And as in the 285 issue, John's denial is not just wrong; it is outrageously wrong. Let's look first at frame 317, just after the 313 explosion has completely subsided. Notice that there is no protrusion and no damage in the BOH area.


There are numerous blurred frames after that, but let's look at a few of the clearest. Perhaps John will tell us what we are seeing (or not seeing:-) in frame 228.


And frame 335.


This is the one from Groden's TKOAP. It is a full page blowup of frame 337, taken from a second generation copy of the film. It is undoubtedly, the highest quality copy of the frame that we will ever see.


By studying blowups of frames from the Nix film, we can see that the shot which caused a large piece of skullbone to flip to the rear, taking with it, hair and scalp from the upper-forward part of the head, was fired at about Zapruder frame 319-320.


As I explained in one of my messages that John hijacked,

That broken piece of skull was almost certainly broken by the shot at 313. Look closely at the top of the head at 313 and in the Moorman photo.

When it was hit by the second bullet, there was very little resistance - not enough to permit what was likely, a bullet from a handgun to pass through it. Think of a small, swinging door.

Try a simple experiment. Fire a pistol at a piece of 4x8 plywood. The bullet goes right through it, doesn't it?

Now, suspend a small piece of that same plywood from a piece of line or rope. Shoot it and watch what happens. It will spin around furiously and in all likelihood, no hole will be created.

That's essentially what happened when the second head shot was fired. That skull piece flipped to the rear, ripping out hair and scalp in the upper forward part of the head.

Anyone wishing to disagree with that needs to provide a better explanation for how the hair which was present in frame 317 was displaced by the 330's and wound up inside the inverted piece of skull that formed the massive protrusion in the upper rear of the head.

This article goes into more detail. Please read it all. The most important parts are at the very end.


Robert Harris

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