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Can there be such a person as a Manchurian Candidate?

Douglas Caddy

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You can be hypnotized to be an assassin

Derren Brown – The Assassin

Posted on 22/10/2011

Spoiler Alert : If you intend to watch “Derren Brown – The Assassin” don’t proceed any further . For those readers outside the UK, if you get a chance to watch the programme I would highly recommend it .

Last night, Channel 4 in Britain showed a programme Derren Brown – The Assassin which included two of my favourite subjects, Derren Brown himself and secondly Mind Control . Derren Brown is fascinated by the powers of the subconscious Mind and how far it is possible for this mind to be manipulated by hypnosis and suggestion . In the programme Derren Brown – The Assassin, he conducted an experiment to see whether it is possible to programme one human being to murder another . Below is a video of the final part of the programme .


There have been claims that some of the political assassinations in the 1960s and 1970s were carried out by mind controlled subjects . It is public knowledge that the CIA conducted experiments, through MK Ultra, into whether a Manchurian Candidate patsy could be hypnotised to kill someone and then forget ever having done so . The most famous of these claims comes from the killer of Robert F Kennedy in 1968, Sirhan Sirhan, who alleges he was hypnotised to commit the assassination which involved a woman in a polka dot dress . These allegations have been ignored and Sirhan Sirhan remains in prison claiming to have no memory of the event .

Derren Brown decided to see whether it was possible to hypnotise a subject to kill a famous British celebrity, Stephen Fry in the same manner which Sirhan Sirhan alleges to have been . First, Derren Brown chose a suitable candidate by performing various experiments to whittle down the possibles which included hypnotising four individuals to throw hydrochloric acid, but really water, into the faces of others which they all did saying they felt a compulsion to do so, after Derren Brown had given them the trigger command .

Eventually, a twenty something Chris, was chosen without his knowledge to be the guinea pig . Derren Brown then interviewed two experts in hypnosis who did not believe it was possible for a mind controlled assassin to be created but Derren Brown proceeded and arranged for Chris to be taken to a firing range for training in the use of firearms, which he had never used before . Prior to hypnosis, Chris was pretty crap but after hypnosis he turned into a marksman, hitting two shots in the bullseye and the remaining three shots just missing . In the hypnosis, Brown used an image of white polka dots on a blue blackground .

sir_thumb.jpg?w=455&h=256&h=256 Sirhan Sirhan

Next, Chris was subjected to further hypnosis to see whether he would forget after hypnosis . He was persuaded to tell Derren Brown the PIN number for his bank account but could not remember revealing the information . Happy that Chris was ready, a dry run was arranged where Chris was told to shoot a customer in a restaurant with a water pistol, which he duly did and then forgot the event . Later, he underwent a lie detector test and could not remember shooting the customer . The lie detector expert said the graphs showed no sign that he had lied . Again, the white polka dots on blue image was used .

Finally, it was decided to see whether Chris would actually follow the commands to shoot Stephen Fry at a theatre, where Fry was performing . Thankfully, they had the decency to tell Stephen Fry what was going to happen . Before the start of the show, Chris was given a gun in a box which he was meant to give to Derren Brown after the show . After the beginning of the show, a woman wearing a blue dress with white polka dots sat down in a seat in front of Chris and told him “Stephen Fry is the target” . Chris then proceeded to pick the gun out of the box and let off a number of shots at Stephen Fry who collapsed on stage, pretending to be shot . After a short period, Fry rose to his feet and the audience were told of the ruse and carried on his show . Chris had completely forgotten shooting Fry and sat there enjoying the show !

After the show, Chris was shown a video of the ‘assassination’ and told the details of his hypnosis and Brown deprogrammed him . At the end of the programme, Derren Brown did not add any comments but the credits included pictures of a young Sirhan Sirhan, which hinted that Derren Brown considers he maybe a Manchurian Candidate .

Regular readers of this blog may have read my articles about Jared Lee Loughner, Anders Behring Breivik and others where I discussed the possibility they had been mind controlled . The main problem with the theory was that the ‘consensus’ did not believe an individual could be programmed to murder and even experts in hypnosis thought it was impossible . It is not only Manchurian Candidates where mind control is alleged but Satanic Ritual Abuse and Presidential Models such as Cathy O’Brien, who are hypnotised to be sex slaves for the rich and famous .

Derren Brown – The Assassin is television, and it is possible the whole thing is a con but Brown has been performing similar experiments for about ten years and there has been no hint of impropriety from the subjects or whistle blowers . It could be that at a deep level, Chris knew it was not real and went along with it but the fact is, he could not have known whether there were real bullets or not in the gun .

I am inclined to believe it is possible to programme Manchurian Candidates such as Sirhan Sirhan and if Derren Brown can do it, then other hypnotists may have been doing it for a long time . If I was the lawyer for Sirhan Sirhan, I would be sending a copy of the programme to the relevant authorities immediately . Below is a copy of a document from US Military Intelligence in the 1950s discussing using hypnosis to programme a killer – Conspiracy Theory becomes Conspiracy Fact .


However, the implications from Derren Brown’s experiments are that morality doesn’t come into it and the hypnotic suggestion is all important, which implies our subconscious has no morals and that ethics are a problem for the conscious mind .

If Sirhan Sirhan’s claims are true, it would appear ethics aren’t a problem for the CIA either .


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