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Is this the time period that JFK received the throat wound?

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I have spent some time looking at when JFK received his throat wound. I have put together a sequence of Zapruder frames from Z 200 – Z 207. The frames were taken Robin Unger’s site.

I believe I can pin point the moment within a few frame sequence, and have my own preference which one it is, but cannot be certain.

I believe the narrative for the sequence is as follows.

• By Z200 Jackie has turned and is now looking in JFK’s direction. I do not think there is an ulterior motive here, she has just turned in his direction.

• Z200 JFK is uninjured and is waving to the crowds.

• Z201 It is possible JFK has been hit by this point, however he is still looking right and waving to the crowds. It is also a blurred frame. Maybe Zapruder has reacted to the noise.

• Z202 At this point JFK has definitely begun to turn to his left. His arm position has also lowered slightly. There may well be some kind of instinctive reaction here.

• Z 203 Again a blurred frame. There is a slight turn of his head to his left.

• Z 204 Again the frame is a bit blurred but there is a clear change in the position of the arm from Z 203 and further movement of his head to his left. There is such a clear change in the arm that his hand looks like it is something like a fist. This, for me is the clearest moment when JFK reacts to the bullet.

• Z 205 – 207. During this sequence JFK’s right arm begins to seriously drop down. During this same sequence JFK may be looking in Jackie’s direction. It is also possible that he just continues to look forward.

So what can be made from this.

1. I believe at the start of the sequence Z 200 JFK was uninjured.

2. By Z 207 it is my position that JFK had received the shot to his throat and is seen to be reacting to it.

3. Z 204, for me, shows the clearest moment when JFK reacts to this wound.

4. Because of the direction Jackie had turned to by Z 200, Jackie had to have actually witness JFK being shot. That might well explain the expression on her face in Z 207.

5. I doubt we will ever be able to pin point to a particular frame when JFK was injured. However I believe this sequence opens up a window within which JFK did receive his wound.

I have dramatically slowed down the sequence. In order for you see the sequence is sufficient size to appreciate what I am saying I have stored at my account in this site. The file is just over 5MB in size

The link to the file is here


Members will note that this file is only available until the end of November. I will not be extending that term.


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If the camera indeed ran at 18.3 FPS then the time interval between these frames is extremely small (1/18 of a second) and the total time of this entire sequence less than .45 of one second.

It is difficult if not impossible, IMO, to make definitive judgments about what occurred in such brief intervals from one frame to the next particularly considering the amount of blur present. The

time duration from your presumed "uninjured JFK frame" @ Z-200 to the "injured JFK frame" @ Z-204 is less than 1/5th of one second and the evidence being studied contains so much blur

that I find it anything but dispositive.

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 time duration from your presumed "uninjured JFK frame" @ Z-200 to the "injured JFK frame" @ Z-204 is less than 1/5th of one second and the evidence being studied contains so much blur 
that I find it anything but dispositive.


Fair point. I did not say Z 204 was the moment, I said it was my preferred moment.

In total we have a 1.31 second window between Z 200 and Z 224, where there can be no dispute that we see JFK reacting to a wound to his upper chest.

My point is that within the 7 frame window, I have provided, significant changes can be seen to be taking place. True there is significant blur, and the clarity of the frames leaves much to be desired. And it is also true there is ambiguity throughout this sequence: it is impossible to state with 100% certainty what is actually happening.

However the one thing that can be stated with some confidence is that in Z 200 JFK is unlikely injured and by Z 224 he is definitely injured. With that in mind, and knowing that within this window period [ Z 200 – Z 224 ] we know for a certainty, beyond dispute, that JFK sustained an injury and reacted to it.

Therefore I contend that this section I have highlighted, with all its blur and ambiguities, it can still be clearly seen that there is considerable movement changes in posture and position. Knowing, for a certainty that within the wider window of Z 200 – Z 224 JFK was definitely struck, these changes and movements, in the sequence I have provided, acquire a greater significance than they might otherwise have.

Could the bullet have struck after Z 2007 and before Z 224? Yes it is possible. But it is just as possible that the bullet struck within the window I have highlighted. And the reasons I suggest that this is possible is narrative I have provided for the sequence Z 200 – Z 207 as well as the frame sequence.

It is up to fellow members whether they think there is, or is not, substance to my case.


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No offense intended, but what is the point to this exercise? IOW: If we assume you are correct, why exactly does this matter to you? What does it mean to the case?


I am very sorry, and I apologise, if my language suggested I had been offended with your response. I was not. My response was more an attempt to make clear why I feel my position has merit. It certainly was not a comment on your reply or position.

As to why this matters?

At the heart of my work is the intent to thoroughly undermine the SBT and by doing that create a need to revise the official position on the assassination. You might reply, “but only those bereft of intelligence would think that the SBT has any merit.” I would agree with you but unfortunately there is a powerful body of opinion, including that of the american government, that still believes that the WC was indeed the correct view on what took place just under 50 years ago.

And now why the importance of this moment. The accepted modern interpretation of the SBT is that the shot occurred at Z 223/4. Establishing that it actually occurred 1.11 seconds earlier is just one more piece of evidence that demonstrates how wrong the establish position is.


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