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Did Jim Garrison Interview Gerry Patrick Hemming?

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Did Jim Garrison interview GPH? If so, is it viewable online?

I'm trying to verify whether or not, as Joan Mellen implies in A Farewell to Justice, Gerry Hemming told Garrison that "[Loran] Hall had gotten Sylvia Odio's name from a Ford motor salesman named Nico Crespi." (my emphasis) Although Ms. Mellen doesn't directly say so, it appears from the context that this is something that Hemming told Garrison or one of his investigators. It's interesting to me because Hemming apparently told A.J. Weberman (in Nodule #27) that this Crespi's (first?) name was "Naico." (Hmmm..., maybe Gerry meant "Nico" but pronounced it "Nigh-co" and A.J. just spelled it kind of phonetically?).

https://docs.google....MLar4D5piqUeipA (in the box that says "Search the Document" in the upper right hand corner, type in "Naico" and then press "Enter" a couple of times)


--Tommy :sun

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