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C-SPAN History TV Debate 11/18! Get on this site and DROP THREADS leading Hansel and G. away from that O'Reilly, Chomsky, NYT whiche's house!

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NOTE THIS NEW HISTORY C-SPAN TV SITE CHANNEL. This is an opportunity. Go here and post threads galore on this thread and later every single day.

We are denied the interstate highways of communications, where lies are sold on 24 lanes.

We AT LEAST need to get off the dirt roads and hit some intersections in Springfield Missouri!!!

REMAIN HERE http://www.c-span.org/History/Events/The-Presidency-Assassination-of-President-Kennedy/10737435460/ ONLY REASON THIS IS ALLOWED IS BECAUSE OF 48 YEARS OF LEFT GATEKEEPING HAS CONVINCED THE LEFT THAT THAT FOOTBALL AIN'T WORTH PICKING UP. In other words the Assassinations have become Alex Jonesized. Over my twitching and or recidivist liver(optional !) BE SURE TO TYPE COMMENTS RECOMENDING REAL BOOKS ON POLICIES, NOT JUST WHO DUNNITISHNESS.

Anyone serious about bringing truth out will not ONLY post on specialized JFK sites. That is what is making us lose.

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