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This is called the "Costella Combined Cut".

Everyone ought to know by now that the best available version of the film is one produced by John P. Costella, which has been improved by removing aspect ratio and pincushion distortion, filling in missing frames, and correcting their order at


One of the first results of the Zapruder Film Conference was the discovery that the films available to the public, including David Lifton's "Z Film" (undated), the Macmillan CD (1993), Robert Groden's "The Assassination Films" (1965), and MPI's "Image of an Assassination" (1998), all differ significantly in the amount of information they provide. Even the best, MPI's "Image of an Assassination" (1998) does not include frames 155 and 156; does not include frames 208, 209, 210, and 211; has reversed frames 331 and 332; and also does not include (what ought to be) frames 341, 350, and (even) 486 (!).


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