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George HW Bush and the hierarchy of the Watergate conspiracy

Mark Gorton

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While reading "The Immaculate Deception, The Bush Crime Family Exposed" by Russell Bowen, I came across the interesting fact that the Texas campaign fund of Hugh Liedtke, who cofounded Zapata Off Shore with George HW Bush, had been used to partly finance the Watergate break in. (page 20).

I find this fact interesting because it is yet another piece of evidence that George HW Bush was a high level planner of the Watergate takedown of Nixon. Although the hierarchy of the cabal behind the Watergate conspiracy is sketchy, based on sparse evidence, it could be that George HW Bush was the (or one of the) senior members of the Watergate conspiracy.

I assume that the hierarchy of the cabal behind the Watergate conspiracy is the same as the cabal working to maintain the cover up the Coup of '63. By 1972, the LBJ and Allen Dulles out of the picture, GHW Bush could be the inheritor of the mantle as head of the cabal. In Defrauding America, Rodney Stitch writes of 3 factions fighting for control of the CIA. One faction was old OSS people, the second ONI people, and the third CIA people under the leadership of GHW Bush. The Bush faction won out in the long term, and my gut feeling is that one of the outcomes of the Watergate takedown of Nixon was the ascendancy of GHW Bush to the head of the cabal.

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