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From a November 14, 1967 memorandum from Jim Garrison (Lorraine Schuler) to "All Key Personnel on Special Investigation."

100. Eric Norden has supplied us with the following information: Ronnie Dugger, now with Harpers Magazine,

stated that he located an informer who said that in the Stevenson riot Lee Oswald was carrying an extreme

anti-Stevenson sign. Inasmuch as the Stevenson riot appears to have been conducted, to a great extent, by

Larry Schmidt, this is an extremely important lead. Dugger should be contacted through Norden to see what

information is available. Conceivably, photographs might be located.

That memorandum listed 103 open or outstanding leads: http://jfk.hood.edu/...-67/Item 01.pdf

Eric Norden, of course, conducted the Garrison interview for Playboy magazine. He also wrote this remarkable essay for The Minority of One.


I think it is one of the best of the early articles.

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Ronnie Dugger worked for the Texas Observer in 1963. Does anyone know if he carried out any investigations into the Kennedy assassination?


Ron Dugger did an important story about Lee Oswald appearing at the office of the State Selective Service, in Austin, Texas, on Wednesday, 9/25/63, and speaking to one Lee Dannelly for a good 30 minutes. This led to FBI interviews of Dannelly.

FYI: Some years later, I also interviewed Dannelly.

Here is the link--at the Mary Ferrell Foundation--to his story on Dannelly, which appeared in the Washington Post on December 20, 1963, under the headline: "Oswald Appeal on Service Discharge is Recalled."


The story also contains this critically important sentence (from Dannelly): "He had been in the Governor's office to see how to get his discharge corrected."

FYI: Connally (et al) deny Oswald was ever there. (I'm not so sure they are correct. Anyway, that's what Dannelly said that Oswald said to her, on 9/25/63).


4/22/13; 8:55 AM PDT

Los Angeles, California

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Guest Robert Morrow

Ronnie Dugger: LBJ, The Texas Observer and Me

August 22, 2008

'None of us knew it yet, but we Americans were about to be trapped in the history that Lyndon Johnson would make'


That article is a good find.


""I had no sting out for Johnson, far from it. While a student at UT, I had worked downtown in Austin as a reporter and news announcer for his and Lady Bird’s radio station, KTBC. His senatorial office, that is, he, had helped me get a job in Washington one summer in the division of international organizations at the Department of State. Returning from abroad, I had applied unsuccessfully for a job on his Senate staff. I learned that Horace Busby, one of his top advisers, had said to him something like, “Ronnie’s not our kind of guy,” but I didn’t know that for many years."

Well, maybe that is because Dugger was not willing to murder people for Lyndon Johnson. Horace Busby was personal friends with Malcolm Wallace when they were both student leaders at the University of Texas in the mid 40's. Malcolm Wallace, LBJ's personal hit man and and someone well known to Busby, was "LBJ's kind of guy." http://www.spartacus...JFKwallaceM.htm

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