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Internet Censorship: Youtube Takes Down Videos Depicting Atrocities Committed by Syria Opposition Rebels

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By Press TV

Global Research, March 05, 2013

An activist tells Press TV that the video-sharing site, Youtube, deliberately takes down videos depicting the war crimes perpetrated by the FSA terrorists against the people of Syria but ironically provides those terrorists with space to wage their propaganda war against the Syrian nation.

The move comes as the Youtube owners refused to take down an insulting video against the prophet of Islam [PBUH] claiming that taking down such an insulting video would be against the principles of freedom of speech.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Mimi Laham, activist from the Persian Gulf littoral city of Dubai to shed more light on the topic of the program. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Ms. Laham let us look at what do you think is the main reason for what we are seeing as a censorship, this attack on freedom of speech and dealing with the Iranian media?

Laham: I think, you, know, it is really across the board, any media that is taking an anti-Syrian insurgent line, in particular, is getting harassed.

Your journalist Maya Nasser was, actually, assassinated in Syria and of course there are too many journalists who mentioned that have experienced kidnapping and execution at the hands of the insurgents in order to suppress their word of decent against insurgency and even Youtube has been taking down many anti-Syrian channels that have been documenting the war crimes of the FSA in Syria, the FSA being the Syrian insurgents.

I mean I have a play list of 60 videos that documented the war crimes and 30 of those videos are now gone along with their channels and this was within six months. Ironically Youtube publicly apologized for mistakenly shutting down a pro-rebel channel and reinstated that channel. That channel being the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

So there is a clear double standard here.

Press TV: Have you been given an explanation by Youtube why your videos have been taken down?

Laham: Well, for one thing, one of the videos taken down was accused of copyright infringement but it was a video of a security mercenary firm Aegis gunning down civilians in Iraq.

Now this Aegis, which is similar to Blackwater but the British version, claimed copyright on a video of themselves shooting civilians in Iraq and Youtube accepted this as an excuse to take down the video and flag my channel and this is one excuse.

Another flag was given to me because I posted videos of war crimes conducted by the FSA and they said that, you know, this is shocking, do they took it down even though their guideline says that you should not remove videos that document war crimes.

So clearly Youtube is taking part in covering up war crimes for mercenary firms such as Aegis and for the Syrian insurgents.

Press TV: There is only a minute left Ms. Laham, but I want to look at in general, what do you think can be done with these attacks of freedom of speech?

Because as you said, for example like Youtube, obviously you were saying that they are taking these measures against you, so what other forms can be used? We see for the Iranian TV the satellite operators are taking off.

So what is the answer in order to make sure that free speech is out there and that we can stop them from stopping the free speech?

Laham: Well I just want to say that Youtube itself has admitted that it takes down videos upon request of governments internationally, in particular the US and the UK. So they admit that they censor videos.

Now what some people have been doing is that just pumping out videos on many, many channels at a time this is something that Syriantube does and in case one gets shut down, there will be like hundreds to take its place.

Another way is to set up your own website and put your own videos up there, as Press TV has done, and we need an alternative to Youtube and there is a new one coming out called Truetube but what we really need is something that is not controlled and that is a difficult feat but I think that is what the world is needing.

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Gee the unsubstantiated claims of an obscure partisan blogger as told to a state controlled media outlet which a former director said was a propaganda outlet, how compelling! And richly ironic that PressTV in defence of the Assad regime complained about lack of freedom of speech.

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Obviously the terrorists backed by particularly by the US and the UK will receive a favourable treatment in western media outlets. Total war within some confines. It'll be interesting to see how this truthtube project goes.

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Can you rephrase that question please, Len?

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Is there a multi-personality here ?? Cause Colby admitted on another thread that there might now be out of control jihadists becoming a large part of the FSA ?? Ive posted about FSA terrorism repeatedly on the ED forum.

Jake Whitney Daily Beast 2/21/13


(According to the war correspondent Michael Hastings, DoD now employs 27,000 media professionals at $4.7 billion per year and even creates phony Facebook and Twitter accounts of pro-American Afghans.) This huge PR machine has been accompanied by a strategy of public disengagement—through policies like the elimination of the draft, a refusal to raise wartime taxes, and an increasing reliance on long-range weapons like drones. All of this makes war far less impactful to most Americans.(MAYBE PEOPLE WITH MULTIPLE PERSONALITES)


Human Rights Watch: “Syrian Rebels” Guilty of Torture, Murder

September 19, 2012 – US, UK, NATO, Saudi, and Israeli backed terrorists carrying out a campaign of systematic atrocities in Syria have finally been acknowledged and reported on by Human Rights Watch, who has for nearly 2 years intentionally portrayed the conflict as one-sided violence carried out by the Syrian government alone.

With evidence and admissions emerging that the so-called “Syrian rebels” are in fact Libyan terrorists, armed, funded, and flown in by NATO to cross into Syria and attack government troops, organizations like Human Rights Watch have faced deteriorating legitimacy, even with watered-down admissions like their most recent report titled, “Syria: End Opposition Use of Torture, Executions.” In the report, Human Rights Watch admits that “armed opposition groups have subjected detainees to ill-treatment and torture and committed extrajudicial or summary executions in Aleppo, Latakia, and Idlib.”

Continue reading →



USA censorship on the rise as YouTube censors video critical of government; Fox News pulls Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch

Learn more: http://www.naturalne...l#ixzz2MlHdlXXW

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I'm interested in these terrorists because of an ongoing interest in western imperialist funded terrorism that includes their own covert elements, for example the S.B.S. (special boat service) of the UK and other military security fiorces. I think it's good to keep track of their ,movements and actions in the world today. As these groups have a history spanning decades and are the worst at using terror to try to control events their tracking is important in order to see a larger picture of official US-UK and allies intents, not the agenda portrayed by the propaganda organs (which however in itself can be a guide)

So, media and terror together tells a lot.

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  • WHATS THAT LYRIC,"The song remains the same" ? Nope its the scream remains the same. A portion of mankind loves to torture .......




    In late 1986, a 165-page report was smuggled out of the Mariona men's prison in El Salvador. The report was compiled by five imprisoned members of the Human Rights Commission of El Salvador (CDHES). The report documents the "routine" and "systematic" use of at least 40 kinds of torture on political prisoners.

    The report made three main points: first, torture is systematic, not random; second, the methods of torture are becoming more clever; and finally, U.S. servicemen often act as supervisors. What is new to torture in El Salvador, according to the study, is that the use of torture, together with the continued (although diminished) use of death-squad kidnappings of the "disappeared," are all a systematic part of the U.S. counterinsurgency program there.

    The Marin Interfaith Task Force, from Mill Valley, California, assembled the smuggled report from Mariona prison into a document titled "Torture in El Salvador." Starting in September, 1986, the Task Force has tried to generate media interest in the story. Suzanne Bristol of the task force, said the group sent the report to the nation's major newspapers, including THE NEW YORK TIMES, THE WASHINGTON POST, THE BOSTON GLOBE, and the LOS ANGELES TIMES, as well as to the wire services. By February, 1987, when Alexander Cockburn wrote his article for THE NATION, UPI had run a Spanish-language story and the report had received coverage on Spanish-language radio, in Mexican periodicals and in Europe. Follow-up calls to the above papers produced nothing, except for two letters in December from Art Seidenbaum of the LOS ANGELES TIMES, who first wrote "You send plenty of homework," and later wrote "We really have ... no staff for making a 1500-word article out of a large series of reports."

    As Cockburn noted, it was "during this period, on November 22, Secretary of State George Shultz asked Congress to approve nearly $7 million in police aid for El Salvador in 1987, providing the necessary certification that the government of El Salvador had 'made significant progress during the six-month period preceding this determination in eliminating any human rights violations, including torture, incommunicado detention ..."'

    Apparently only one newspaper gave the actual report substantial coverage. The SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER ran two excellent articles by free lance journalist Ron Ridenhour, who quoted State Department spokesman James Callahan saying that the CDHES, the only Salvadoran human rights group recognized by the United Nations, is a communist "front organization." (It was Ridenhour's charges that led to the revelations about the Army's massacre of civilians in My Lai.)

    On October 26, 1987, assassins, probably belonging to the Salvadoran security forces, murdered Herbert Ernesto Anaya, head of the Salvadoran Human Rights Commission and the last survivor of that commission's eight founders.

    Anaya also was one of the five original researchers and authors of the smuggled report from the Mariona men's prison.


    THE NATION, 2/21/87, "After the Press Bus Left," pp 206-207, and THE NATION, 11/14/87, "The Press and the Plan," pp 546-547, both by Alexander Cockburn; SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER, 11/14/86, "In prison, Salvador rights panel works on," by Ron Ridenhour, p A-8; Marin Interfaith Task Force on Central America, 7/2/87 letter and various documents, by Liz Erringer.


    From El Salvador to Iraq: Washington's man behind brutal police squads

    In 2004, with the war in Iraq going from bad to worse, the US drafted in a veteran of Central America's dirty wars to help set up a new force to fight the insurgency. The result: secret detention centres, torture and a spiral into sectarian carnage

    , Wednesday 6 March 2013 11.16 EST


Special investigation

From El Salvador to Iraq: Washington's man behind brutal police squads

In 2004, with the war in Iraq going from bad to worse, the US drafted in a veteran of Central America's dirty wars to help set up a new force to fight the insurgency. The result: secret detention centres, torture and a spiral into sectarian carnage

<img id="comScoreTracker" />Link to video: James Steele: America's mystery man in Iraq

An exclusive golf course backs onto a spacious two-storey house. A coiled green garden hose lies on the lawn. The grey-slatted wooden shutters are closed. And, like the other deserted luxury houses in this gated community near Bryan, Texas, nothing moves.

Retired Colonel Jim Steele, whose military decorations include the Silver Star, the Defence Distinguished Service Medal, four Legions of Merit, three Bronze Stars and the Purple Heart, is not at home. Nor is he at his office headquarters in Geneva, where he is listed as the chief executive officer of Buchanan Renewables, an energy company. Similar efforts to track him down at his company's office in Monrovia are futile. Messages are left. He doesn't call back.

For over a year the Guardian has been trying to contact Steele, 68, to ask him about his role during the Iraq war as US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld's personal envoy to Iraq's Special Police Commandos: a fearsome paramilitary force that ran a secret network of detention centres across the country – where those suspected of rebelling against the US-led invasion were tortured for information.

On the 10th anniversary of the Iraq invasion the allegations of American links to the units that eventually accelerated Iraq's descent into civil war cast the US occupation in a new and even more controversial light. The investigation was sparked over a year ago by millions of classified US military documents dumped onto the internet and their mysterious references to US soldiers ordered to ignore torture. Private Bradley Manning, 25, is facing a 20-year sentence, accused of leaking military secrets.

Steele's contribution was pivotal. He was the covert US figure behind the intelligence gathering of the new commando units. The aim: to halt a nascent Sunni insurgency in its tracks by extracting information from detainees.

It was a role made for Steele. The veteran had made his name in El Salvador almost 20 years earlier as head of a US group of special forces advisers who were training and funding the Salvadoran military to fight the FNLM guerrilla insurgency. These government units developed a fearsome international reputation for their death squad activities. Steele's own biography describes his work there as the "training of the best counterinsurgency force" in El Salvador.

Of his El Salvador experience in 1986, Steele told Dr Max Manwaring, the author of El Salvador at War: An Oral History: "When I arrived here there was a tendency to focus on technical indicators … but in an insurgency the focus has to be on human aspects. That means getting people to talk to you."

But the arming of one side of the conflict by the US hastened the country's descent into a civil war in which 75,000 people died and 1 million out of a population of 6 million became refugees.

Celerino Castillo, a Senior Drug Enforcement Administration special agent who worked alongside Steele in El Salvador, says: "I first heard about Colonel James Steele going to Iraq and I said they're going to implement what is known as the Salvadoran Option in Iraq and that's exactly what happened. And I was devastated because I knew the atrocities that were going to occur in Iraq which we knew had occurred in El Salvador."

It was in El Salvador that Steele first came in to close contact with the man who would eventually command US operations in Iraq: David Petraeus. Then a young major, Petraeus visited El Salvador in 1986 and reportedly even stayed with Steele at his house.

But while Petraeus headed for the top, Steele's career hit an unexpected buffer when he was embroiled in the Iran-Contra affair. A helicopter pilot, who also had a licence to fly jets, he ran the airport from where the American advisers illegally ran guns to right-wing Contra guerrillas in Nicaragua. While the congressional inquiry that followed put an end to Steele's military ambitions, it won him the admiration of then congressman Dick Cheney who sat on the committee and admired Steele's efforts fighting leftists in both Nicaragua and El Salvador.

In late 1989 Cheney was in charge of the US invasion of Panama to overthrow their once favoured son, General Manuel Noriega. Cheney picked Steele to take charge of organising a new police force in Panama and be the chief liaison between the new government and the US military.

Todd Greentree, who worked in the US embassy in El Salvador and knew Steele, was not surprised at the way he resurfaced in other conflict zones. "It's not called 'dirty war' for nothing; so it's no surprise to see individuals who are associated and sort of know the ins-and-outs of that kind of war, reappear at different points in these conflicts," he says.

A generation later, and half the world away, America's war in Iraq was going from bad to worse. It was 2004 – the neo-cons had dismantled the Ba'athist party apparatus, and that had fostered anarchy. A mainly Sunni uprising was gaining ground and causing major problems in Fallujah and Mosul. There was a violent backlash against the US occupation that was claiming over 50 American lives a month by 2004.

The US Army was facing an unconventional, guerrilla insurgency in a country it knew little about. There was already talk in Washington DC of using the Salvador option in Iraq and the man who would spearhead that strategy was already in place.

Soon after the invasion in March 2003 Jim Steele was in Baghdad as one of the White House's most important "consultants", sending back reports to Rumsfeld. His memos were so valued that Rumsfeld passed them on to George Bush and Cheney. Rumsfeld spoke of him in glowing terms. "We had discussion with General Petraeus yesterday and I had a briefing today from a man named Steele who's been out there working with the security forces and been doing a wonderful job as a civilian as a matter of fact."

In June 2004 Petraeus arrived in Baghdad with the brief to train a new Iraqi police force with an emphasis on counterinsurgency. Steele and serving US colonel James Coffman introduced Petraeus to a small hardened group of police commandos, many of them among the toughest survivors of the old regime, including General Adnan Thabit, sentenced to death for a failed plot against Saddam but saved by the US invasion. Thabit, selected by the Americans to run the Special Police Commandos, developed a close relationship with the new advisers. "They became my friends. My advisers, James Steele and Colonel Coffman, were all from special forces, so I benefited from their experience … but the main person I used to contact was David Petraeus."

<img id="comScoreTracker" />Link to video: Iraq's Special Police Commandos chief Adnan Thabit: 'The Americans knew about everything I did'

With Steele and Coffman as his point men, Petraeus began pouring money from a multimillion dollar fund into what would become the Special Police Commandos. According to the US Government Accounts Office, they received a share of an $8.2bn (£5.4bn) fund paid for by the US taxpayer. The exact amount they received is classified.

With Petraeus's almost unlimited access to money and weapons, and Steele's field expertise in counterinsurgency the stage was set for the commandos to emerge as a terrifying force. One more element would complete the picture. The US had barred members of the violent Shia militias like the Badr Brigade and the Mahdi Army from joining the security forces, but by the summer of 2004 they had lifted the ban.

Shia militia members from all over the country arrived in Baghdad "by the lorry-load" to join the new commandos. These men were eager to fight the Sunnis: many sought revenge for decades of Sunni-supported, brutal Saddam rule, and a chance to hit back at the violent insurgents and the indiscriminate terror of al-Qaida.

Petraeus and Steele would unleash this local force on the Sunni population as well as the insurgents and their supporters and anyone else who was unlucky enough to get in the way. It was classic counterinsurgency. It was also letting a lethal, sectarian genie out of the bottle. The consequences for Iraqi society would be catastrophic. At the height of the civil war two years later 3,000 bodies a month were turning up on the streets of Iraq — many of them innocent civilians of sectarian war.

But it was the actions of the commandos inside the detention centres that raises the most troubling questions for their American masters. Desperate for information, the commandos set up a network of secret detention centres where insurgents could be brought and information extracted from them.

The commandos used the most brutal methods to make detainees talk. There is no evidence that Steele or Coffman took part in these torture sessions, but General Muntadher al Samari, a former general in the Iraqi army, who worked after the invasion with the US to rebuild the police force, claims that they knew exactly what was going on and were supplying the commandos with lists of people they wanted brought in. He says he tried to stop the torture, but failed and fled the country.

"We were having lunch. Col Steele, Col Coffman, and the door opened and Captain Jabr was there torturing a prisoner. He [the victim] was hanging upside down and Steele got up and just closed the door, he didn't say anything – it was just normal for him."

He says there were 13 to 14 secret prisons in Baghdad under the control of the interior ministry and used by the Special Police Commandos. He alleges that Steele and Coffman had access to all these prisons and that he visited one in Baghdad with both men.

"They were secret, never declared. But the American top brass and the Iraqi leadership knew all about these prisons. The things that went on there: drilling, murder, torture. The ugliest sort of torture I've ever seen."

<img id="comScoreTracker" />Link to video: Iraqi general Muntadher al-Samari: 'He was hanging upside down. Steele didn't react'

According to one soldier with the 69th Armoured Regiment who was deployed in Samarra in 2005 but who doesn't want to be identified: "It was like the Nazis … like the Gestapo basically. They [the commandos] would essentially torture anybody that they had good reason to suspect, knew something, or was part of the insurgency … or supporting it, and people knew about that."

The Guardian interviewed six torture victims as part of this investigation. One, a man who says he was held for 20 days, said: "There was no sleep. From the sunset, the torture would start on me and on the other prisoners.

"They wanted confessions. They'd say: 'Confess to what have you done.' When you say: 'I have done nothing. Shall I confess about something I have not done?', they said: 'Yes, this is our way. The Americans told us to bring as many detainees as possible in order to keep them frightened.'

"I did not confess about anything, although I was tortured and [they] took off my toenails."

Neil Smith, a 20-year-old medic who was based in Samarra, remembers what low ranking US soldiers in the canteen said. "What was pretty widely known in our battalion, definitely in our platoon, was that they were pretty violent with their interrogations. That they would beat people, shock them with electrical shock, stab them, I don't know what else ... it sounds like pretty awful things. If you sent a guy there he was going to get tortured and perhaps raped or whatever, humiliated and brutalised by the special commandos in order for them to get whatever information they wanted."

He now lives in Detroit and is a born-again Christian. He spoke to the Guardian because he said he now considered it his religious duty to speak out about what he saw. "I don't think folks back home in America had any idea what American soldiers were involved in over there, the torture and all kinds of stuff."

Through Facebook, Twitter and social media the Guardian managed to make contact with three soldiers who confirmed they were handing over detainees to be tortured by the special commandos, but none except Smith were prepared to go on camera.

"If somebody gets arrested and we hand them over to MoI they're going to get their balls hooked, electrocuted or they're going to get beaten or raped up the ass with a coke bottle or something like that," one said.

He left the army in September 2006. Now 28, he works with refugees from the Arab world in Detroit teaching recent arrivals, including Iraqis, English.

"I suppose it is my way of saying sorry," he said.

When the Guardian/BBC Arabic posed questions to Petraeus about torture and his relationship with Steele it received in reply a statement from an official close to the general saying, "General (Ret) Petraeus's record, which includes instructions to his own soldiers … reflects his clear opposition to any form of torture."

"Colonel (Ret) Steele was one of thousands of advisers to Iraqi units, working in the area of the Iraqi police. There was no set frequency for Colonel Steele's meetings with General Petraeus, although General Petraeus did see him on a number of occasions during the establishment and initial deployments of the special police, in which Colonel Steele played a significant role."

But Peter Maass, then reporting for the New York Times, and who has interviewed both men, remembers the relationship differently: "I talked to both of them about each other and it was very clear that they were very close to each other in terms of their command relationship and also in terms of their ideas and ideology of what needed to be done. Everybody knew that he was Petraeus's man. Even Steele defined himself as Petraeus's man."

Maass and photographer Gilles Peress gained a unique audience with Steele at a library-turned-detention-centre in Samarra. "What I heard is prisoners screaming all night long," Peress said. "You know at which point you had a young US captain telling his soldiers, don't, just don't come near this."

<img id="comScoreTracker" />Link to video: 'We were interviewing James Steele in Iraq and I saw blood everywhere'

Two men from Samarra who were imprisoned at the library spoke to the Guardian investigation team. "We'd be tied to a spit or we'd be hung from the ceiling by our hands and our shoulders would be dislocated," one told us. The second said: "They electrocuted me. They hung me up from the ceiling. They were pulling at my ears with pliers, stamping on my head, asking me about my wife, saying they would bring her here."

According to Maass in an interview for the investigation: "The interrogation centre was the only place in the mini green zone in Samarra that I was not allowed to visit. However, one day, Jim Steele said to me, 'hey, they've just captured a Saudi jihadi. Would you like to interview him?'

"I'm taken not into the main area, the kind of main hall – although out the corner of my eye I can see that there were a lot of prisoners in there with their hands tied behind their backs – I was taken to a side office where the Saudi was brought in, and there was actually blood dripping down the side of this desk in the office.

Peress picks up the story: "We were in a room in the library interviewing Steele and I look around and I see blood everywhere, you know. He (Steele) hears the scream from the other guy who's being tortured as we speak, there's the blood stains in the corner of the desk in front of him."

Maass says: "And while this interview was going on with this Saudi with Jim Steele also in the room, there were these terrible screams, somebody shouting Allah Allah Allah. But it wasn't kind of religious ecstasy or something like that, these were screams of pain and terror."

One of the torture survivors remembers how Adnan Thabit "came into the library and he told Captain Dorade and Captain Ali, go easy on the prisoners. Don't dislocate their shoulders. This was because people were having to undergo surgery when they were released from the library."

General Muntadher fled after two close colleagues were killed after they were summoned to the ministry, their bodies found on a rubbish tip. He got out of Iraq and went to Jordan. In less than a month, he says, Steele contacted him. Steele was anxious to meet and suggested he come to the luxury Sheraton hotel in Amman where Steele was staying. They met in the lobby at 8pm and Steele kept him talking for nearly two hours.

"He was asking me about the prisons. I was surprised by the questions and I reminded him that these were the same prisons where we both used to work. I reminded him of the incident where he had opened the door and Colonel Jabr was torturing one of the prisoners and how he didn't do anything. Steele said: 'But I remember that I told the officer off'. So I said to him: 'No, you didn't — you didn't tell the officer off. You didn't even tell General Adnan Thabit that this officer was committing human rights abuses against these prisoners'. And he was silent. He didn't comment or answer. I was surprised by this."

According to General Muntadher: "He wanted to know specifically: did I have any information about him, James Steele? Did I have evidence against him? Photographs, documents: things which proved he committed things in Iraq; things he was worried I might reveal. This was the purpose of his visit.

"I am prepared to go to the international court and stand in front of them and swear that high-ranking officials such as James Steele witnessed crimes against human rights in Iraq. They didn't stop it happening and they didn't punish the perpetrators."

<img id="comScoreTracker" />Link to video: James Steele in Iraq: only known video footage

Steele, the man, remains an enigma. He left Iraq in September 2005 and has since pursued energy interests, joining the group of companies of Texas oilman Robert Mosbacher. Until now he has stayed where he likes to be – far from the media spotlight. Were it not for Bradley Manning's leaking of millions of US military logs to Wikileaks, which lifted the lid on alleged abuses by the US in Iraq, there he may well have remained. Footage and images of him are rare. One video clip just 12 seconds long features in the hour-long TV investigation into his work. It captures Steele, then a 58-year-old veteran in Iraq, hesitating, looking uncomfortable when he spots a passing camera.

He draws back from the lens, watching warily out of the side of his eye and then pulls himself out of sight.

Edited by Steven Gaal
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Is there a multi-personality here ?? Cause Colby admitted on another thread that there might now be out of control jihadists becoming a large part of the FSA ?? Ive posted about FSA terrorism repeatedly on the ED forum.

Jake Whitney Daily Beast 2/21/13


(According to the war correspondent Michael Hastings, DoD now employs 27,000 media professionals at $4.7 billion per year and even creates phony Facebook and Twitter accounts of pro-American Afghans.) This huge PR machine has been accompanied by a strategy of public disengagement—through policies like the elimination of the draft, a refusal to raise wartime taxes, and an increasing reliance on long-range weapons like drones. All of this makes war far less impactful to most Americans.(MAYBE PEOPLE WITH MULTIPLE PERSONALITES)

Human Rights Watch: “Syrian Rebels” Guilty of Torture, Murder


The problem is your one dimensional brain is incapable of anything beyond black and white thinking, there are various groups fighting the Syrian Regime; you've yet to produce evidence the ones committing the most serious atrocities are getting any of the limited Western aid or are part of the FSA. That said I don't think there's ever been a party to war which did not commit attrocities especially against enemy forces or their collaborators. That would especially apply to popular uprisings in which most combatants were not trained soldiers or part of a highly structured chain of command.

USA censorship on the rise as YouTube censors video critical of government; Fox News pulls Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch

Learn more: http://www.naturalne...l#ixzz2MlHdlXXW

The unspun version is that Fox which was behind in the ratings cancelled its entire Thursday night line-up and said it will still use the far-right judge on other programs.


As for the the video clip YT has content rules which deem that videos like the dumb one made by Adams which include partial nudity and talk of "masturbation" be deemed adult only. Presumably all he has to do is tone it down a bit.

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The problem is your (GAAL) one dimensional brain is incapable of anything beyond black and white thinking,// end COLBY




Syrian rebels use a child to behead a prisoner




Summary Public Execution By Hanging Conducted By Free Syrian Army

Part of channel(s): Syria (current event), C-A-T-000p (promoted)

A man accused of being a "shabiha" conscript of President Assad is shown hanging, while armed factions aligned to the "Free Syrian Army" hold their weapons up and say God is with them. This is in Idlib province, Kafr Takharim.

Meanwhile, the call to jihad against the Syrian government is being spread on the streets of the west. In several cities including London, radicals can be seen calling for jihad against all of the Syrian, Afghan and Somali governments. While they receive protection of police in order to express their views freely. So Obama and Cameron today need jihad? Yesterday it was not allowed in Iraq next door?!

Today, Syrians voted to change the constitution in an historic event that allows multi-party rule and limits the term held by any president to two terms only. This is a major reform, promised by Assad who said credibly that reforms need time to implement, and today he lives up to that promise in not a long time. This is way ahead of hypocritical Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States calling for democracy and freedom in Syria at the point of a gun. Tunisia by contrast, the birthplace of the Arab Spring, has stated that it is against any foreign intervention and arming of rebels in Syria, and sees the only way out for them to be political dialogue rather than war.

What are the rebels and vandals going to achieve by shunning the political process and preferring the use of violence and weapons? Are they going to overthrow Bashar Al-Assad and then say they are going to allow multi-party rule and limit the term of the president?! Isn't that stupid, when Bashar Al-Assad is giving that to them? Or do they just enjoy being killed?

It is surely the right of the government to impose security on any rebel held area that shuns the political process and dialogue. The rebels are only trading the blood of the civilians trapped in those areas and making life for them into a living hell.


Edited by Steven Gaal
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As for the the video clip YT has content rules which deem that videos like the dumb one made by Adams which include partial nudity and talk of "masturbation" be deemed adult only. Presumably all he has to do is tone it down a bit. // end COLBY


USA censorship on the rise as YouTube censors video critical of government; Fox News pulls Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch

Learn more: http://www.naturalne...l#ixzz2MsCci7YT

(NaturalNews) What was arguably the very best liberty-oriented political show on cable television has been pulled by Fox News. Judge Andrew Napolitano's Freedom Watch is being cancelled, according to a Fox News press release (


Judge Napolitano is a liberty-loving truth-teller who openly talked about the dangers of the NDAA, warrant-less searches, the truth about the Federal Reserve and many other topics that aren't normally covered in the hoax media (mainstream media). Apparently, his show was striking too close to the truth, and Fox News axed it.

A massive viewer outcry has already resulted in a tidal wave of emails being sent to Fox News in protest of the show cancellation. The explosion of protest against the show's cancellation has been so large that Judge Napolitano has now appealed to his fans to hold off and stop sending emails. In a message on his FaceBook page, he writes:

"It will be far more productive for my work at Fox and the work of my friends and colleagues here -- many of whom share our values -- if the email traffic to Fox toned down considerably. I will continue to voice the message of freedom in many more Fox venues, and you will hear that message, and we will do our best to alert you in advance of those venues and the times that I will be on them; and we will post those alerts right here on this site. PLEASE BE SURE TO WATCH THE FINAL FreedomWatch SHOW ON MONDAY FEBRUARY 13TH, ON FOX BUSINESS AT 8:00 PM, EASTERN TIME. You have been very strong in your views and generous in your comments about the show, but now is the time to relax and lay low and prepare for the future. God bless each of you." (http://www.facebook.com/JudgeNapolitano)

Google / YouTube censors the Health Ranger's TSA animation video

At the same time Judge Napolitano's show is being pulled, YouTube has censored my satire TSA animation video by placing an age restriction on it, preventing the video from ever going super-viral.

This hilarious video, entitled, "TSA Help Wanted," dares to expose the total perversion and idiocy of the criminal TSA thugs who molest little children and elderly women at the airport. The video depicts actual crimes that are routinely committed by TSA agents every day across America. You can still watch the video on our own NaturalNews video network at:


As an active member of the online artistic community, I am well known for writing songs and posting music videos (www.Amethios.com), posting comedy skit videos (

), publishing poetry (http://www.naturalnews.com/034764_imprison_us_all_poem_Mike_Adams.htm...), and posting educational and informative animations such as the Fluoride Deception (

YouTube's age-restriction censorship of my TSA Help Wanted animation is a clear example of oppression against artistic expression and a dark mirror of the kind of free speech blackouts that regularly occur in Communist China. "TSA Help Wanted" is clearly being censored not because of its content (it contains no profanity and shows no actual nudity) but because it is critical of the government.

This is precisely the sort of "political censorship" practiced in Red China as a way to silence criticism of the corrupt government and protect the political elite.

Alex Jones comments on YouTube censorship of TSA video

Late last week, Alex Jones (www.InfoWars.com) placed my TSA Help Wanted video on his InfoWars YouTube channel. He knew the video was extremely powerful and had the potential to be seen by millions, exposing the criminal pervert behavior of the TSA.

Within mere hours, Google / YouTube had slapped an age restriction on the video in the Alex Jones Channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/thealexjoneschannel). In response, Alex expressed his outrage at the censorship, saying:

"This video was so incredible that Mike Adams put out. Adams had a masterful video making fun of the thuggish behavior, and how these bullies get off on abusing people. It was devastating. It was a perfect 10, five stars. It's titled 'TSA Help Wanted.' And they've blocked it for the general public to see, claiming that it is vulgar, when it just shows photos and video of what TSA does to our children and wives and husbands and everybody else. So they're censoring what you can see, and it's all part of their selective enforcement." (


He goes on to say:

"This is the video the TSA doesn't want you to see. Because they don't like being made fun of. These authoritarian thugs want to be taken seriously, they want to scare you, but they don't want to be laughed at. And they're scared at this master work that Mike Adams the Health Ranger has put out. I even told my guys, we're gonna post that and they're gonna take it down, it's just too powerful, and they did, because they are scared of the truth."

Alex posted another commentary video about the censorship at:

It's okay to molest children, but you can't expose molesting children

The message in the censorship of this TSA video is clear: It's okay to molest little children and elderly women at the airport, but it's not okay to expose the fact that this molestation is happening. That's "inappropriate."

It's okay for TSA agents to plant bags of cocaine in your luggage, but it's not okay to expose TSA agents planting bags of cocaine in your luggage. That's "inappropriate."

It's okay for TSA agents to steal your portable electronics and profit by selling them on eBay, but it's not okay to expose TSA agents stealing your electronics. That's "inflammatory."

It's okay for Janet Napolitano to brainwash Americans into spying on each other like a band of paranoid sniveling maniacs, but it's not okay to expose the secret police agenda of the Department of Motherland Security. That's a "conspiracy theory."

Do you see how this works? Google, YouTube and the hoax media all want you to believe it's perfectly fine for TSA agents to stick their fingers in your anus or vagina, to fondle your scrotum, to cause elderly people to leak urine all over themselves, to demean you and sexually molest you. But god forbid anyone who actually exposes that this is going on -- they're kooks! Conspiracy theorists! Maybe even terrorists!

Anyone critical of the government is obviously a total whack job, right? Because as all North Koreans know, their government is their God! And we should all bow down and worship the United States federal government like a bunch of groveling swine, right?

That's the new police state Amerika. Anyone with actual knowledge of reality is banned, censored and marginalized. Only those who go along with total criminality, total child sex molestations, and total police state domination of all freedoms are left alone by the tyrannical government and the dominant corporations that filter information to brainwash the public.

Real information is under attack

SOPA was the government's attempt to take down all websites critical of the government itself (http://www.naturalnews.com/034695_SOPA_free_speech_health_freedom.htm...). It would have removed NaturalNews.com, InfoWars.com and many other websites from the internet, "cleansing" the internet of all truthful information and leaving only government-approved lies and disinformation in its wake.

ACTA is the next attempt to censor the internet and remove all truth-telling websites: http://www.naturalnews.com/034802_ACTA_counterfeiting_piracy.html

This is all being done under the excuse of "fighting piracy" or fighting the "war on terror" (which has been completely fabricated to sell more fear). What's clear from all this is that the information controllers of the world (technology companies, the hoax media, governments, etc.) are all tightening their grip in an all-out effort to erase the truth from the internet, leaving only official lies and disinformation in its place.

If it all sounds like the Ministry of Truth from 1984, that's because it is. We are now living in an age of total revisionist reality, where the real world is now called a "conspiracy theory" and only the fake hoax world is socially acceptable as being real.

In the fake hoax delusional reality sold by the media and the government, terrorism is a constant threat to your safety (it isn't), aspartame is totally safe to consume (it isn't), vaccines are actually GOOD for you (they aren't), nutritional supplements are worthless (huh?), psychiatric drugs make you happy (they don't), and the government is here to save you (gee, really?)

Red China USA

More and more, Amerika is coming to resemble Red China in its total censorship of the truth. And that's no surprise, given that U.S. technology companies actually helped build China's "great wall of censorship." Try to search the history of Tiananmen Square in a search engine in China, and any results mentioning the student revolt and near-revolution that took place there are wiped out of existence.

Real history is a "conspiracy theory" in China, and increasingly so in the USA. Actual facts are associated with "terrorism" or "questioning the government." Anyone who is critical of the government is automatically labeled a possible terrorist. This is true in Communist China, and it's increasingly true in the USA now, too.

People who live in reality are called "nut jobs," in other words, while people who believe in all the mass media delusions are categorized as "normal."

Help us fight this censorship. Spread the word about this censored TSA video (which also happens to be ROFLMAO funny...)


Feel free to download it, copy it, and post it to your own video account on YouTube or elsewhere. This video is available under the "creative commons" license, so it's free to share as long as you credit the source (NaturalNews.com).

Help us fight tyranny and censorship on the 'web. Without freedom of expression, we are doomed to suffer under a system of total lies and disinformation on the web.

If you want to stay free, you must stay informed. Help protect the First Amendment, and spread the word on this censorship story.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/034954_censorship_YouTube_Fox_News.html#ixzz2MsCci7YT

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