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Jeb Bush and the 1986 Murder of CIA Drug Smuggler Barry Seal

Guest Robert Morrow

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On 1/20/2021 at 2:36 PM, Jim Glover said:

Robert Morrow, Great information. 

I also ran against Bush in 91 as a Write-in Florida candidate. My program was end CIA control of our lives, Jump start the economy by legalizing marijuana and the release of all JFK assassination records. In 91, I reported to the FBI that I was set-up as a folksinger with advance knowledge of the plot to kill JFK. The late afternoon of Nov 22nd I was forced onto a 2nd Hollywood Hootenanny tour bus and the only singers on that bus was me and Tumbleweed Tom, my watcher. I am the only witness alive who knows where Bush and Hoover was that Day because Bush was pointed out to me getting on the bus at the Houston Through the Fence airport. Barbara was sitting on the up front passenger Isle, Blond from her hairdresser in Tyler TX and Hoover was next to Bush on the Drivers side. Other operators got on, Two dallas Police with an Oswald Look-alike in custody. And it was announced by someone in the back The "Corsican Brothers are here" and a Sarti look-alike sat across the isle. I knew Bush from the early 50's when he wanted me to be his kid spy on my folks. I refused and tried to turn him in, the FBI came over but dad would not talk to them. I talked to Bush at least 3 times.

I also ended up voting for Clinton after I was told He would reopen the JFK investigation.  Fake news!

Bill Clinton from Oxford in 68 at the time, the Same day that Garrison was on the Tonight show came to our apt in the Village and wanted to know form me (Jim&Jean) and Phil Ochs what we were doing. I told him about my being set-up in Texas. When he left Phil asked our co manager Susan Campbell who was that? She said He's Bill Clinton and will be president someday.


Robert Morrow is permanently banned from this forum

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