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Introducing voting functionality

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I am pleased to be able to announce that new polling functionality has been added to the Political Conspiracies section of the Education Forum. Registered users of the Education Forum will see a "Start New Poll" button next to the "Start New Topic" button. Clicking on the "Start New Poll" button creates a new thread with a poll as the first item. Two types of polling are offered: 1) multiple choice polling and 2) statement evaluation. Statement evaluation allows for a particular statement to be proposed and then registered Education Forum users can vote on the truth or falsehood of that statement. Users are able to comment upon polls as they would a regular forum thread.

It is my hope that the voting functionality allows the Education Forum community to understand where there is a consensus on issues and where there is disagreement. Hopefully, this information can allow the conversations on the Education Forum to be more productive.

I would like to thank Riley Lynch for his hard work developing this software, and I would also like to thank John Simkin for being so gracious to allow my the freedom to experiment with this new functionality.

This software is still in beta, so I expect that there may be bugs of which we are not aware. If you notice any bugs, have any issues, or have suggestions on how the new functionality can be improved, please leave a comment or contact me, and we will do our best to resolve any problems.



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