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Goal Line Technology

Mark Haley

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I've been following the debate on goal line technology for sometime.

Today FIFA have made a decision that they intend to use 'GoalControl' at the next World Cup. An elaborate system of 14 cameras that follow the ball and can signal to the Referee that the ball has crossed the line within a second.

'Hawkeye' aren't entirely out of the equation. The FA may well decide to use them instead for Premier League games.

From day one I've been all for the idea. There have been too many instances since Geoff Hurst famously hit the underside of the bar in the 1966 World Cup Final and, nowadays, too much at stake. Michel Platini's nonsensical statement that "it only happens once every 40 years" is entirely that - nonsensical.

The argument against goal line technology is that football should be a game that is played under exactly the same conditions whether you're on the New Olympic Stadium pitch or Wanstead Flats.

Clearly not many grounds will be able to afford the estimated £170,000 start up costs. The further down the football pyramid you go, the less likely you'll see goal line technology.

However, I've come up with an idea that may get round that...

My suggestion for retro goal line technology:

A second goal line the width of a ball behind the actual goal line. (Maybe light blue to differentiate it)


If the ball touches/crosses the second goal line. The Ref (or his assistants )would be better able to judge that it's a goal.

Let's see how the Referee and his Lino' might have seen things in the last World Cup. (Yes England yet again...)


The cost ? A tin of paint and a ruler...

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