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Actor Jonathan Banks' Mother [Cold War Era CIA 'Office Manager]

B. A. Copeland

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I was wondering....being that I learned this tonight, who exactly was Jonathan Banks' Mother?, do we know anything else (specifically) about her? According to a Rolling Stone article:

I read that your mom worked for the CIA. Is that true?
She did work for the CIA at one time. She was an office manager. It was back in the Fifties, she raised me by herself on a really blue-collar block. They would security check her. Every couple of years, agents would go to the neighbors and talk to them. Her secretaries, were using typewriters and had to burn their carbons everyday. Here's a funny story about those times: My mom managed all these girls and she taught them how to deal with sexual harassment in the office. When they were approached in a sexual way back then, there wasn't a lot of recourse for women. They had these oval backed chairs and she taught her girls to throw their elbows straight back if someone came behind them, and then turn around and face the person who put their hands on them and in a very loud voice address the situation right then. Because in her opinion, if it went any further than it was only going to work out bad for the secretary. Best way to do it was confront it right then. You know, the Fifties and Sixties were bothersome. I don't have nostalgia for it.

This is interesting considering this was the Cold War-era. Otherwise probably not so big of a news flash. Thanks in advance.
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