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Eastern Ukraine rises against Kiev

John Dolva

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UPDATE: Uh oh. Yanukovich is in Kharkov in the more Russian-speaking east:

Attention shifted Saturday from the sprawling Kiev protest camp to Kharkiv, where governors, provincial officials and legislators gathered. Top Russian lawmakers joined the meeting, too, while thousands of angry protesters gathered outside, chanting "Ukraine is not Russia!" ...

The leaders gathered in Kharkiv approved a statement calling on regional authorities to take full responsibility for the constitutional order on their territory.

Some called for forming volunteer units to protect against force by protesters from western regions. The assembly urged army units to maintain neutrality and protect ammunition depots.

Calling for local authorities and militias is step one to eventually calling for fraternal assistance from Russian forces. Russia may not be able to pull off a conquest of Ukraine, but they are capable of moving in to friendly-held areas and holding off a Ukrainian counter-attack.

And will Yanukovich return to Kiev at all?

Protesters seized the Kiev office of President Viktor Yanukovich on Saturday and his whereabouts were a mystery, as the pro-Russian leader's grip on power rapidly eroded following bloodshed in the Ukrainian capital.

At the president's headquarters, Ostap Kryvdyk, who described himself as a protest commander, said some protesters had entered the offices but there was no looting. "We will guard the building until the next president comes," he told Reuters. "Yanukovich will never be back."

Because the Russian envoy, Vladimir Lukin, didn't sign the EU-brokered agreement. Without Russian backing, how could Yanukovich return under these circumstances?

All this, because the army wouldn't shoot and too many police wouldn't, either:

Since late November 2013 Russian efforts to gain more control over the Ukrainian government have been running into growing popular opposition. Now the pro-Russian government has surrendered to the protestors and if Russia wants to turn this around they will have to move fast and in violation of international law. Over a hundred died, mostly in the last week, as the government ordered the soldiers and police to open fire and not enough of the Ukrainian security personnel would do so. ...

February 17, 2014: In Ukraine the police in Kiev launched a major offensive on the protestors, using weapons and reinforcements to push protestors back. The police were ordered to fire on the protestors and that’s when the police began to suffer a lot of desertions. Worse, many police would go through the motions but would not actually shoot fellow Ukrainians. By the 20th the police has to pull back to areas they could hold with the manpower they had left.

A Russian invasion to reclaim Ukraine is out:

If the Russians invaded the Ukrainian armed forces would probably resist in an organized fashion. In 2008 Russia had a hard time scrounging up enough troops to invade Georgia. But Ukraine has more ten times the population of Georgia and Russia still has a largely dysfunctional armed forces with fewer than 100,000 troops (paratroopers and special forces) that they can really rely on.

Do read all of that Strategypage link.

I agree conquest is out. But I believe that a Russian military operation to support regional militias and authorities in the east and Crimean Peninsula are within Russian capabilities. This type of mission puts Russian troops on the defensive and gives the Ukrainian armed forces the burden of going on offense.

Remember, this is basically what Russia did with Georgia. Russian troops road marched into the areas seceding from Georgia, but then ran into difficulties advancing into the rest of Georgia.

If Russia has 100,000 reliable troops, how many troops could Ukraine's army--starting out smaller than that--put in the field?

Secretary Hagel should be calling his Russian counter-part to leave voice mails to pick up, I should say.

And say, how does that reported Chinese nuclear guarantee of Ukraine's territorial integrity figure in to this? Or was that reporting a mistaken translation of a more mundane Chinese position? I've read nothing else confirming what I assumed was a big effing deal.

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Brian J. Dunn at

8:42 PM


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Russian Threat Of War Over Ukraine Stuns Obama Regime



Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) relating to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine says that United States President Barack Obama was “stunned” yesterday after President Putin warned him in a telephone dialogue between these two leaders that Russia was prepared to send over 250,000 heavily armed troops into Crimea to protect the sovereignty of its citizens against further US-EU aggression.

Crimea is an autonomous parliamentary republic within Ukraine with a population over 2 million whose ethnic makeup is over 70% Russian and Crimean Tartars as opposed to 24% Ukrainian and is the home base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet located in Sevastopol.

Putin first became involved in this latest Ukraine crisis this week, this report says, after receiving a call from Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych who called for direct intervention by Moscow due to his nation being under “direct attack” from Neo-Nazi and right-wing nationalist mobs supported by the EU and US in conflicts that have left, at least, 67 dead.

Important to note, this report continues, is that the Obama regime has instigated a number of “silent coups” against democratically elected governments it wishes to destabilize, fragment and then reabsorb into its Western alliance.(SEE LINK FOR MORE)

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Ukranian Fascists guarding Parliament.


Jews are warned by Israel to leave Kiev or stay inside. Calls to ban the Communist Party.

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Ukranian Fascists guarding Parliament.

attachicon.gifsvoboda nazis gurading parliament.jpg

Jews are warned by Israel to leave Kiev or stay inside. Calls to ban the Communist Party.

John ,yes there are Fascists in the uprising but they are not a even a large minority ...BUT AS YOU KNOW they are always active (threat by gun -reports of)

enough to seem more important than there number represents. The ultra elites are made up of anti-semites and Jews. One hand washes the other. I understand MOSSAD is in the Ukraine helping the 'coup' people. The Fascists will have to be massaged into the PANEUROPEAN economic model the ultra elites have planned for Ukraine.

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Sorry, I have to vehemently disagree. Fascism/Falangism/Nazism is the worst kind of element in any society. There is no alternative to them. They are not interested in democracy except as a means to an end. Theirs. For many the end comes in the ensuing fight against it and then for those who adhere to it as those who don't ultimately defeat it. Fascism is like the mythical lemming inevitably rushing to the end not caring how many they carry with them on the way. There is no compromiosing with fascism. When people call this a putsch by neo fascism they don't do so lightly. If a government of national unity accomodates the fascists they are like the foreign and domestic industrialists and leaders that accomodated hitler because he was primarily anti communist as well as an anti semite. When Jews are asked to take care and when the banning of the communist party is on the agenda you have to remember that poem about first they came for ... and I was silent,.... now they come for me and there is no one left to speak out. A legitimised fascist part of the government by thugs who got there by thuggery will have dire consequences. Managing chaos and the media is a priority and it is for money, plain and simple. These deluded lumpens deserve an education. Similarly these 'democratic' leaders of the wests right that hail these developments are showing what their true relationship to democracy is.

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John, the ultra elites goal is power not democracy. The bankers and their media control the EU and not the people. The goal is Russia and weakened Ukraine is part of the ultra elites play. The media will coverup fascist thuggery in Ukraine. In the USA the average person thinks 10,000 or so died in Iraq when the real number is approarching 5 million as we speak. Times man of the year below. Ukraine's fascist sow's ear will be made into silk purse ...just watch and wait.


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On 2/22/2014 at 6:01 AM, John Dolva said:

Dear John,

RT is a Putin-controlled news source.  (As is Sputnik.)

--  Tommy :sun

PS  If you really want to see what's going on in Donbas (and in Syria), go to https://bellingcat.com .

When you get there, for Ukraine news, click on the section called "U.K. & Europe"

( BELLINGCAT is a "Least Biased" news source with "High" factual reporting according to mediabiasfactcheck. com ,

Whereas RT is a "Right-Center" news source with "Mixed" factual reporting, The same as Fox News. LOL )

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