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Energy and the Human Journey

Wade Frazier

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My work has been discussed in this forum before, on a few threads, including this one:


Yesterday I published the most ambitious essay that I will ever write. It took about a year of writing, and I have been studying for it since the 1980s, when I take it all in.

It is about energy, the human journey, and manifesting the biggest event in the human journey. Sounds modest, eh? :)

Anyway, the members of this forum showed a lot of intelligence and class when I posted here in the past, and it is about the only forum that I would consider making this post to. I have my own forum and have been a regular fixture in another one, but wanted to make myself available to members of this forum.

The essay is here:


I did not see any categories in this forum that this essay would have easily fit into, but "environment" works for me.

Best wishes to all,

Wade Frazier

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