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  1. Hi: I just had my new thread erased by the admin. That means that I am finished with posting to this forum. It was nice while it lasted. I will finish those Gary and the JFK hit posts in my own forum, but then will move on to other issues. Best, Wade
  2. Hi: This morning I began that new thread, and will stop posting at this one until I make some summary posts after I finish the other one. I also made my first two “plane crash” posts. I don’t plan to post at this thread again until I finish. I can see somebody wanting to begin another Decker-Tower thread that has not been marred by my posts, and I promise to not post at any such thread unless I am invited to, but I also do not plan to write much about Gary and JFK again at this forum, outside of that new thread that I began. Best, Wade
  3. Hi Michael: Well, I see the light at the end of the tunnel on these posts on Gary and JFK, and as I have stated, giving Gary’s account of his Tower conversation credibility is really what I can contribute most to this milieu, but I will also give my views on the JFK hit (and I have already, on this thread and elsewhere). The plane crashes are just another facet of this milieu. There are way too many of them to all be coincidence. Gary saw them happen in Ventura County, his pal Murphy, and Tower, died in plane crashes, and Tower’s crash was nearly the same day as Heinz’s, whom Gary wrot
  4. Hi Michael: I am going to honor Karl's request and stop posting on this thread, and move my posts to a new one. I'll write about crashes soon, but I was not familiar with McNaughton's mishap. I don't know who might have wanted him dead, but yes, accidents like that make you wonder. Magic Bullet skeptic Hale Boggs might have just crashed "naturally." Sometimes, the timing and coincidences are just a little too convenient. The plane crash post(s) will come soon on the new thread that I will make. Best, Wade
  5. Hi Karl: I may be in too deep for that. It is not that off-topic, but kind of my last testament on my involvement with Gary, which I hope bolsters Gary's Decker/Tower story. Is there a way to strip off what I have done and move it? If so, I can do that. In my own forum, I made it a separate thread: http://ahealedplanet.net/forum/threads/123-Gary-Wean-Me-and-the-JFK-Hit But I have not made a separate thread on this topic at this forum. Maybe I have ruined this thread over the past few years. If so, you have my apologies. Best, Wade
  6. Hi: I have written plenty that I wish I had a dollar for every time that one of Dennis’s attorneys said, slack-jawed, as they watched judges make Kangaroo Court rulings, “They can’t do that!” The openly fraudulent legal rulings began with BPA Hit Man’s blatantly fraudulent bankruptcy lawsuit, when his other crimes, including being responsible for a woman’s death, proved insufficient in taking Dennis’s company down. Not only was the federal judge in on it, but so was Dennis’s lawyer, who suddenly could not string two legal thoughts together, as he went along with the railroad job. Sever
  7. Hi: Before I get to more of what I learned after meeting Gary, on the JFK hit and other subjects, I think that I am making it clear that what Gary uncovered in his book, of awesome corruption, is not unusual. I make the case in my work that we are all involved, and are all responsible, to one degree or another. Making this somebody else’s problem is a cop-out and a reason why it continues, which may take Earth’s ecosystems and humanity with it. The right and left describe only aspects of the issue, and a comprehensive perspective is the only one with a chance to see the big picture, an
  8. Hi: While studying the JFK hit, among other subjects, I was getting more healthy doses of how the real world operates, which only confirmed what I saw on my ride with Dennis and what Gary wrote about. I witnessed Kangaroo Court in action, realized that the cops enforce the laws that they feel like enforcing, and I learned that one of the largest trucking companies in the USA had a policy of getting away with killing people; it is cheaper that way, and buying judges in Southern California was easy, as many are for sale, for the right price. Harry Pregerson was not an aberration as much a
  9. Hi: When I left my home town in 1990, to never return, with my life shattered, I began the deep dive into a vast array of material, trying to make sense of what I had lived through. Before I met Gary, I did not know much about the JFK hit, other than my father’s telling me that the Warren Commission was a whitewash. I did not doubt Gary’s testimony on the John Tower conversation; it was the Rosetta Stone of my JFK studies. You could almost say that I assessed the JFK evidence in relation to Gary’s tale. If it aligned with it, I considered it potentially valid. The reality is that Gar
  10. Hi: Before I get into my relationship with Gary after the Ventura days and my dive into the JFK evidence, and I keep my finger in that puddle to this day, I want to summarize how Gary and his John Tower conversation fit into my framework. I put Gary in a spectrum of so-called whistleblowers in my circles. A close relative was a whistleblower, a close friend testified in a famous whistleblower lawsuit, and I have been called a whistleblower, although I don’t consider myself an insider. Ralph McGehee was a whistleblower, until the CIA silenced him. Rodney Stich was a whistleblower (he d
  11. Hi Krishna: We will see what I add to my big essay. Maybe a little more on those subjects, but feeding the peasants is not a thrust of my work (the exchange game), but making them richer than Bill Gates, and only free energy can do that. Tverberg’s latest is the short version of my big essay, at least until free energy comes into the picture. OK, it is anecdote time. I periodically contact people who might be interested in free energy. They are few and far between to begin with, but Tverberg is a member of a milieu of financial bloggers who at least have some understanding of h
  12. Hi: The day that Dennis was released from jail, I headed over to Mr. Professor’s house straight from work. When I got there, one of Dennis’s salesmen who disappeared after Dennis was arrested was there. If you get The Alternative, you will see quite a few affidavits made by people soon after April 1, 1989, when Dennis left the jail, such as Dennis’s assistant. Those people win some points with me, but those who helped before Dennis was released from jail were few and far between. Most cowered and hid, helped steal the business after Dennis was arrested, stole documents for Mr. Deputy
  13. Hi Krishna: You mean this section? I don’t plan on updating that essay soon, but I may put something here, or maybe somewhere around here. I plan some significant revisions to my Third Epoch chapter, and writing more about the thin energy surplus of agrarian societies, and how that made them unstable, is planned. Of course, when invaders commandeer agrarian economies in mercantile/imperial efforts, it is a catastrophe for the conquered, and I’ll write some on that subject. Over the long years of study, I finally came to understand what self-determination really means and how costly it
  14. Hi: While it is true that Ventura County has the reputation as one of the most corrupt counties in the USA, I really don’t want to pick on them too much, as the corruption that we encountered there we found all over the USA, in the highest places, such as the USA’s Supreme Court. I wish I had a dollar for every time that one of Dennis’s attorneys said “They can’t do that!” Dennis almost invariably saw Kangaroo Court rulings on his cases, from the lowest to highest levels in the USA’s legal system, as his attorneys, some with national reputations, had their jaws hanging open or scratched
  15. Hi: During that month between when I met Gary and made my decision, I worked for the largest privately owned medical lab in the USA, just as the government and their media henchmen tried to wipe the lab out. It was very similar to what I had seen during my days with Dennis, and would see more of in subsequent years. The government lies and the media broadcasts it, as they work on behalf of their private-interest patrons, to help wipe out the competition. I believe that it was during that month when the Los Angeles Times published an “investigative” article on Dennis. It took about an
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