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  1. Hi: This month is the 60th anniversary of JFK’s murder. It is time for a little retrospective on it, especially while JFK’s nephew is running for president and is being denied Secret Service protection, even after security events. My main contribution to the JFK hit issue is lending credibility to Gary’s meeting with John Tower. Gary wrote about that meeting to the best of his recollection, a decade after the events. I spent a dozen years before I went public on it, comparing Gary’s testimony to my studies, and I never saw a credible piece of evidence contradict Gary’s story. To the contrary, as new evidence kept surfacing after Gary published his book in 1987, such as Operation Northwoods, the evidence only bolstered Gary’s story. Last night, I found myself reading this book on Mickey Cohen. No book on the subject is complete without some of Gary’s testimony, and some of Gary’s work is covered in that book. There is a lot to discuss. First, I was asked not long ago on the Israel connection to the JFK hit. There were several, including Jewish mobster Jack Ruby’s involvement. The Jewish mob was definitely involved, from Ruby’s involvement alone, and Ruby apparently got his marching orders to kill Oswald from a Cohen associate. Oswald had to be silenced before he sang like a canary. The key work on Israeli involvement with the JFK hit is Michael Collins Piper’s book, excerpted here. There is a lot of work on the Internet on Israel’s and the Jewish mob’s relationship to the JFK hit. Gary’s work (and mine) are usually prominent in them (1, 2, 3). I was right in the middle of the unfortunate dispute between Gary and Piper. While Israel was definitely a beneficiary of the JFK hit, I have my doubts that it was the mastermind, even if it was involved. Plenty of interests wanted JFK dead, and if I had to put my money on anybody, it would be the Rockefellers. David Rockefeller handpicked every president since JFK. The American presidency was permanently demoted since JFK’s murder; all subsequent presidents were puppets and knew it. But I think that JFK researchers get into trouble when they try to solve the crime. Nobody will ever definitively solve the JFK hit. My goal has always been far more modest, but arguably more important: establishing that the Warren Commission was a sham, which actively covered up the CIA’s involvement, and the media has been an accomplice to this day. We’ll see if that recent revelation of another bullet in the JFK-hit limo puts a dent in the media’s fawning defense of the Warren Commission’s findings. I have many other connections to the JFK milieu, and I thought about them while reading that Cohen book. I have Vegas, Rat Pack, mobster, Hollywood, and CIA connections to the situations described in that Cohen book. Women were passed around between JFK, Sinatra and friends, and mobsters, including Marilyn Monroe and Judith Exner. Nothing about those revelations was surprising, and I could add a bunch to those sordid stories. Far more than meets the eye was happening, but that all sits far below the GC level, IMO. When I heard that E. Howard Hunt told the original Watergate attorney that JFK was killed over the ET issue, that made perfect sense to me and also tended to eliminate the GCs as suspects, as they knew that the Soviet Union knew plenty about ETs. The JFK hit has always smacked of a domestic conspiracy to me. I see the ET situation, likely related to JFK’s attempts to end the Cold War, as the final straw, and far from the only reason. Back to helping Day One arrive. Best, Wade
  2. I won't regularly post here again, but made a post just now on why JFK was murdered, and how close some assassination researchers come to the truth: https://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?10672-WADE-FRAZIER-A-Healed-Planet&p=1564995&viewfull=1#post1564995
  3. Hi Guys: Thanks for the invitation, but when I get a tr0ll attack and the admin piles on to erase my thread, I am finished. My JFK writings are a small part of what I do. I recently wrote a bit more on JFK – not on his murder so much, but why he was murdered, and his brother, too. I really have written all that I can about what Gary heard from John Tower. You can take it to the bank that Gary reproduced that conversation to the best of his recollection. I am not really interested in his attempts to solve the crime, or anybody’s effort, really. My point is about how the Warren Commission was a sham from the outset, and how our government is not legitimate. Sitting American presidents are way down the food chain of power on Earth, especially since JFK’s murder. Gary had one other interesting connection to the JFK hit, which was about his encounters with Jack Ruby in the 1940s. Ruby was a high-ranking mobster, not the two-bit nightclub owner that he has been popularly depicted as. The Mob was definitely involved in the JFK hit, and Ruby was Jewish (his job was silencing Oswald), but Jews were not part of the Tower conversation at all. Jewish mobsters do run a lot of California, and Rodney Stich’s account of how Jewish judges in California kangarooed him into prison was rich reading. The same people ruined my life, which was how I met Gary. Rahn completely missed the point of Gary’s testimony, which is normal. I posted something just this morning, on the people whom I seek for my task. As much as I respect the work of many JFK hit researchers, that is not the thrust of my work. Somewhat ironically, today I find myself in RFK, Jr.’s circles, and not because of my JFK hit writings. We’ll see if I have any discussions with him, but he is busy these days. Best, Wade
  4. I had not planned to post here again. It has been more than four years since I last posted. But, this might be of interest to members in this forum. A couple of years ago, Gary’s book cost nearly $1,000 on Amazon, if you could find a copy. I have a copy from the 1987 printing, and a few from the 1996 printing, in which Gary names John Tower, after he disguised his identity in the first edition, when Tower was still alive. This month, I had occasion to look, and was pleasantly surprised to see that Gary’s book has been reprinted, and can be bought for as low as $40. This edition is in hardback. The other printings were cheap paperback editions, and all of my copies are falling apart. So, I was delighted to receive the book yesterday, and it is by far the highest quality printing, of the 1996 edition, and this one will outlive me. Oh, if Gary had lived to see a durable copy of his book. So, that is all that I planned to post, but I wanted to provide a little color on why I left. Back in the days of Internet innocence, I had my email address on my site, and took on all-comers for several years. Many pals came to me that way. After 9/11, the USA lost its collective sanity, and the attacks became increasingly deranged and threatening, so I took down my email address and stopped interacting with the public for several years. As I finally emerged from my monster of a midlife crisis, I decided to interact with the public again, by joining forums that I saw discussing my work. I had my own Internet stalker in those days, who was likely a professional. Wherever I joined, he joined up within days, to spew his lies, under the phony rubric of “skepticism.” Anybody who promoted my work also soon heard from him. It resulted in one forum that hosted my work deciding to wipe out an entire section devoted to my work. But Mr. Skeptic was far from alone. In virtually every forum that I joined, even ones that I was invited into, the trolls swarmed. In four different forums, trolls attacked and then the admins piled on. I was booted out of forums, chased out, but the Education Forum was an exception, at least until four years ago. I began posting to this thread on Gary, and was asked by a member to move it to a new thread, which I did. I reproduced those initial posts there and kept posting. The full thread is on my forum. Only a couple of days into it, an Education Forum member trolled that thread. He posted a link to that stalker’s libelous Skeptical Inquirer article (I recently found his site was largely preserved), a similar Forbes article, and then posted a picture of P.T. Barnum, and ended his post with “There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute!” That was the totality of his post. It obviously had nothing to do with Gary, but was an attempt to undermine my credibility, and was a pretty juvenile effort. It was trolling, plain and simple. I responded with my usual facts and evidence, and advised that member to stop while he was ahead. He replied with a Shakespeare quote, that I “protesteth too much.” The next day, the admin erased my entire thread. Wow. I had hoped that this forum was above that sort of tr0ll-admin tag-team behavior, but I was wrong. This JFK issue is a minor one in my work, but covers important territory. I am trying to help save the world with my remaining years, and do not have much to add on the JFK hit. Lending credibility to Gary’s account of his John Tower conversation (and his encounters in the 1940s with Jack Ruby) is all that I really have to contribute, and you can take it to the bank that Gary wrote about that encounter with John Tower to the best of his recollection. Those who assert differently just don’t know how the world really works. Best, Wade
  5. Hi: I just had my new thread erased by the admin. That means that I am finished with posting to this forum. It was nice while it lasted. I will finish those Gary and the JFK hit posts in my own forum, but then will move on to other issues. Best, Wade
  6. Hi: This morning I began that new thread, and will stop posting at this one until I make some summary posts after I finish the other one. I also made my first two “plane crash” posts. I don’t plan to post at this thread again until I finish. I can see somebody wanting to begin another Decker-Tower thread that has not been marred by my posts, and I promise to not post at any such thread unless I am invited to, but I also do not plan to write much about Gary and JFK again at this forum, outside of that new thread that I began. Best, Wade
  7. Hi Michael: Well, I see the light at the end of the tunnel on these posts on Gary and JFK, and as I have stated, giving Gary’s account of his Tower conversation credibility is really what I can contribute most to this milieu, but I will also give my views on the JFK hit (and I have already, on this thread and elsewhere). The plane crashes are just another facet of this milieu. There are way too many of them to all be coincidence. Gary saw them happen in Ventura County, his pal Murphy, and Tower, died in plane crashes, and Tower’s crash was nearly the same day as Heinz’s, whom Gary wrote that he was also working with when they died. For me, what I have to contribute, particularly with this “rambling” series of posts, is that I make many “outrageous” claims, but everything that can be checked out in my writings will check out and then some. Some of the outrageous claims in my posts on this thread have included: Our pursuit of free energy resulted in a billion dollar bribe being offered, before they lowered the boom on us (and a voice in my head led me to my partner); An astronaut pal (I am his biographer) hosted a UFO conference, and the military soon made him an “offer” to do UFO research for them, and he nearly died immediately afterward, after rejecting their offer, of a “heart attack.” One close friend was given an underground demonstration of free energy, anti-gravity, and other technologies from the disenchanted faction of the cabal that manipulates humanity from the shadows One pal, who helped me in my hour of need, heard from John Tower, in the company of Audie Murphy and Bill Decker, that Oswald was a military intelligence operative who got recruited by E. Howard Hunt to be the fall guy for a fake assassination attempt on JFK that turned into a real one. He also repeatedly encountered Jack Ruby in the company of Mick Cohen. Each one of those events happened amidst great secrecy and sometimes with cloak-and-dagger tactics, and there are not paper trails for events like those. For the record, I do not know what became of that package on Oswald that Tower gave Gary, and Gary gave to Murphy for safekeeping, but I’ll bet that it was “recovered” long ago by the JFK cleanup crews. All that we have are the testimonies of those who lived the events. That is the nature of the beast. But, for people who have done any whistleblowing, Gary’s story is very familiar, as far as what his life became when he did not lie down and take it. All that I can do is help make the milieu that Gary operated in more real to my readers. What I lived through was all too real (and is far more spectacular than my public writings have been so far), and I have no doubt about the testimonies of the people in those events listed above. You can take it to the bank. I am partly doing this because I am the last man standing. The others in my circle are done or dead, and I need to do what I can to put it on the record. So, are any big revelations coming before I get done with my writings on Gary, JFK, and me? Nothing that beats those above, but there is plenty more to relate, but I’ll do it on a new thread. When I am done, I’ll make some finishing posts back on this one, and then I am going to largely leave behind Gary and JFK, and do my other work (I’ll keep posting at this forum, but not much more on Gary and JFK). This JFK issue is just a sidelight in my work and Gary’s. Not to belittle the milieu at all, but I am chasing the biggest event in the human journey and am not getting any younger. I only have so many heartbeats left. Maybe I’ll keep going strong for another 30 years like Uncle Ed did, but there are no guarantees and I have more work to do. Thanks for reading. Best, Wade
  8. Hi Michael: I am going to honor Karl's request and stop posting on this thread, and move my posts to a new one. I'll write about crashes soon, but I was not familiar with McNaughton's mishap. I don't know who might have wanted him dead, but yes, accidents like that make you wonder. Magic Bullet skeptic Hale Boggs might have just crashed "naturally." Sometimes, the timing and coincidences are just a little too convenient. The plane crash post(s) will come soon on the new thread that I will make. Best, Wade
  9. Hi Karl: I may be in too deep for that. It is not that off-topic, but kind of my last testament on my involvement with Gary, which I hope bolsters Gary's Decker/Tower story. Is there a way to strip off what I have done and move it? If so, I can do that. In my own forum, I made it a separate thread: http://ahealedplanet.net/forum/threads/123-Gary-Wean-Me-and-the-JFK-Hit But I have not made a separate thread on this topic at this forum. Maybe I have ruined this thread over the past few years. If so, you have my apologies. Best, Wade
  10. Hi: I have written plenty that I wish I had a dollar for every time that one of Dennis’s attorneys said, slack-jawed, as they watched judges make Kangaroo Court rulings, “They can’t do that!” The openly fraudulent legal rulings began with BPA Hit Man’s blatantly fraudulent bankruptcy lawsuit, when his other crimes, including being responsible for a woman’s death, proved insufficient in taking Dennis’s company down. Not only was the federal judge in on it, but so was Dennis’s lawyer, who suddenly could not string two legal thoughts together, as he went along with the railroad job. Several months later, Dennis’s company was stolen in one of those “They can’t do that!” moments, as the employees cheered the theft, which was a key awakening moment for me. John Spickard’s company was stolen a couple of weeks earlier, as a way to steal Dennis’s, and Mormon grifters led the effort. Hmmm. Those thefts and fraudulent lawsuits did not have any legal legs to stand on, but in Kangaroo Court, they work just fine, with compliant judges on the take, etc. The judges stole Gary’s gas station and store using similar means to how Dennis’s company was stolen. Gary found a buyer, but the buyer declared bankruptcy while the sale was in escrow. A five-year-old could understand that if the buyer goes bankrupt before the sale is completed, then there is no sale. The deal is off. But not in Ventura County. The gangster judges ruled that Gary had to hand over the deed to the gas station and store, as if the escrow process and sale was complete, so that Gary would give up his gas station for nothing in return, or perhaps becoming a creditor of a bankrupt estate. Gary had put the gas station and store in his wife’s name, and the judges actually issued a warrant for Gary’s wife’s arrest, as she would not hand over the deed to the facility. It was outright theft from Gary and his wife, and I’ll bet dollars to donuts that the bankrupt “buyer” was part of the scheme from the beginning. They have all sorts of tricks up their sleeve like that, of naked theft that they somehow make “legal.” They can simply make it up as they go. As that retired mobster said, the Chicago boys never had it so sweet. Gary and his wife moved to exile in Oregon, where he lived the rest of his life, with a warrant for his wife’s arrest. Gary died destitute, in Oregon, and my guess is that the judges feasted on Gary’s gas station and store. Best, Wade
  11. Hi: Before I get to more of what I learned after meeting Gary, on the JFK hit and other subjects, I think that I am making it clear that what Gary uncovered in his book, of awesome corruption, is not unusual. I make the case in my work that we are all involved, and are all responsible, to one degree or another. Making this somebody else’s problem is a cop-out and a reason why it continues, which may take Earth’s ecosystems and humanity with it. The right and left describe only aspects of the issue, and a comprehensive perspective is the only one with a chance to see the big picture, and the left’s and right’s work can overlap to a great degree. In general, members of the right do not like this section of my site, nor do average Americans. I have watched my peers – white, educated American men – go off the deep end after reading that section. A professor pal, who is now retired, used to read it to his psychology class, and his students reacted like he hit them over the head with a baseball bat, as they sought the nearest bar. I could have made that section more harrowing, and maybe I’ll add a vignette on how Americans get cheap organs. I think that I first read about it in Noam’s Deterring Democracy, in which he reproduced press reports about how American client states in Latin America had organ farms, in which children were raised for their organs, so that American children could have cheap organ transplants (search on “organs” at that link). In 1991, that was an outrageous idea that people might have accused crazed conspiracists of concocting, but now, Americans’ and other rich Westerners’ getting cheap organs from poor nations is normal. It looks like China finally stopped the practice of harvesting organs from prisoners, but it may be continuing. China has not exactly been at the forefront of human rights advocacy, and for years, it was known as the place to go for cheap organs. A decade ago or so, the BBC did an investigation and secretly recorded a Chinese transplant doctor assuring a would-be patient that they harvest their kidneys from members of Falun Gong, an outlawed religious sect, who have very good health practices, so that Falun Gong kidneys would be among the best available. A few years ago, I read of a Western liver transplant patient in China getting prepared for transplant. In that situation, the doctors could not tell if the “donated” liver would be compatible until they could test it just before implantation. The transplant doctors brought in a liver and tested it, but it did not pass the compatibility test. So, some minutes later another liver was brought in, and then another. Something like nine livers were brought in before they found a compatible liver. Prisoners were apparently in a pen, picked one-by-one, and slaughtered for their livers. The Bodies exhibit had to stop using Chinese “donors” when two specimens had bullet holes in the back of their skulls. Those China stories are not about communist iniquity, but how human life is treated where it is cheap. In “free market” India, similar practices take place, and in recent years, it has been making the Western press. I recall only a few years ago, reading of the organ harvesting business in India, and one example was a man answering an ad for a job. At the interview, he was given a drink, he passed out, and when he later awoke, both of his kidneys were gone. People in India and elsewhere actually sell their kidneys for transplant to Westerners playing medical tourist, but drugging somebody and removing both of their kidneys obviously goes far over the line. I actually read that kidney-less man being interviewed, but he can’t have lived for long after that. Maybe I’ll add “cheap organs” to my litany one day. Best, Wade
  12. Hi: While studying the JFK hit, among other subjects, I was getting more healthy doses of how the real world operates, which only confirmed what I saw on my ride with Dennis and what Gary wrote about. I witnessed Kangaroo Court in action, realized that the cops enforce the laws that they feel like enforcing, and I learned that one of the largest trucking companies in the USA had a policy of getting away with killing people; it is cheaper that way, and buying judges in Southern California was easy, as many are for sale, for the right price. Harry Pregerson was not an aberration as much as the logical conclusion of how California’s legal system operates. And, of course, his image was how his highly developed conscience was his most salient characteristic as he sat on the bench, with his big heart. That death camp Nazis had their backgrounds whitewashed as they became American heroes was typical of how it works, and the whitewash lasts at Wikipedia to this day, for example. I was studying the medical racket, as they banned books and murdered doctors, and Kangaroo Court, especially in California, was a regular feature of the racket. As the Rehnquist Court justified with one of its Kangaroo Court rulings, kidnapping alternative practitioners from foreign countries was standard medical racket practice (1, 2). During those years, I discovered that Columbus was really a greedy criminal who initiated the greatest genocide in the human journey, in which perhaps 90% of a hemisphere was killed off in about a century. I discovered that the USA’s other Founding Father was another mass-murdering thief, and that the grammar school that I attended in Ventura was named after the Hitler of California, who was literally sainted a few years ago. While I attended that school, my great nation was inflicting genocides on nations of peasants while maintaining its fascist global empire. In that light, murdering the head of state and covering it up was merely a day at the office, similar to how Roman politics worked. In 1994, I acquired Rodney Stich’s Defrauding America, and no big surprises there. In Defrauding America, Stich chronicled a huge bribe that one of my in-laws took to ram through a public works project, and from what I knew of that relative, it was not surprising. Stich got in way deeper than he thought he ever would, as he originally investigated airliner crashes in which the airlines had their negligence covered up, with government complicity. Stich got taken to the cleaners by the gangster judges in California, and I have to give them creativity points for how they took him out. The JFK-related tidbit in Stich’s book was that the CIA apparently had Hoover’s phone tapped and recorded his and Nelson Rockefeller’s planning the JFK hit, and the participants included Lyndon Johnson, Allen Dulles, and George Bush the First. No big surprises there, and it is easy to imagine where John Tower might have come into it, privy to the retail plan to frame Castro and one of chumps in the dark about what the real plan was. The Congressman who had the tapes soon died in an infamous airliner crash, for another “coincidence.” I have seen speculation and evidence that that airliner might have actually been a sacrifice by the CIA, and I’ll soon write about all of those amazing “coincidental” plane crashes. It was in those years that a close friend was kidnapped and given the underground technology show that you and I will never receive. Free energy, antigravity (or electro-gravity), and related technologies are likely older than I am, and are being sequestered in history’s greatest cover-ups, which makes the JFK hit and cover-up seem like a school-yard prank, and his murder may well have been part of that cover-up. After the judge took Mr. Big Time Attorney hostage, to force Dennis to capitulate, he was rewarded with being promoted to a higher court, and the prosecutor was promoted to a judgeship. Mr. Big Time Attorney begged Dennis to do a plea bargain, with that legal gun held against his head, said that he would do Dennis’s appeal work for free, and assured Dennis that it would take several years for his appeals to work their way through the legal system. Well, Dennis got special treatment every step of the way, and in less than two years, with the USA’s Supreme Court’s taking irregular action (that left another national-level attorney scratching his head, as he never saw them do that before), Dennis had exhausted his appeals and the “justice” system ruled that failing to file a form merited two years behind bars. Dennis tried to withdraw his plea, as the courts reneged on their end of the bargain, to no avail. The railroad job to death began with Ventura County’s corrupt probation department, who I believe prepared the file that was used to intake Dennis into the prison system. As the system regularly does, they simply erased Dennis’s past. His years of college, his honorable discharge from the military (for a murderous job well done), his wife, and even his two daughters were erased as if they never existed, and failing to file a form was falsely called “convicted of fraud” in his intake file. That all added up to Dennis’s security ranking putting him in the medium security shark tank, which was the most dangerous place in California’s prisons, in which the prison authorities don’t even care if the inmates kill each other. That was a series of “mistakes” made by Ventura County, but prison officials were also complicit, when a serial murderer was suddenly transferred to medium security from maximum security, to be Dennis’s bunkmate! I have seen that tactic called “execution by inmate” and other terms, and those “mistakes” would usually not be rectified until it was too late and the targeted inmate had come to an untimely and violent demise. The serial killer knew full well what the prison authorities were trying to use him for. He especially hated them, refused to do their bidding, and Dennis became his best friend in prison. The serial killer declared to the other inmates that Dennis was under his protection, and he ran that yard. Serial killers are at the top of the prison pecking order. When that maneuver backfired on the prison officials, they then framed Dennis as a “snitch.” Dennis barely survived the experience and got “lucky,” with only some fingers broken and teeth knocked out. Dennis’s wife saved his life once again, with her incessant efforts. One of her many letters caught the attention of the official in charge of prison reform in California. Dennis’s being in prison for failing to file a form was so bizarre that the official drove to Dennis’s prison and arrived, unannounced, to interview Dennis. That spooked the prison officials, and Dennis was soon transferred to a minimum security prison, less than a mile from where I lived while attending the university, where he happily served out the rest of his sentence. The Ventura County gangsters planned to have Dennis released on parole to Ventura County, if he survived the prison experience, but Dennis’s wife again pierced the bureaucracy and got his parole transferred to New Jersey, where she and her daughters had lived for years by then. I flew Dennis out of California the day after he was released, as he escaped the clutches of Mr. Deputy and friends. And once again, Dennis treated his experience behind bars as almost a vacation, he largely wrote The Alternative while in prison, and he was raring to chase free energy once again. Dennis soon began raising hell again, and in early 1996, he began barnstorming the USA with free energy tours, and the highest councils on Earth once again convened, to decide what to do about that man who would not die or quit, and who could not be bribed. It was kind of like that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, in which Indiana Jones’s antagonist expressed his amazement at Indy’s persistence. Maybe one day, I can tell all that I know about those days. The White Hats, Black Hats, sitting president (who is down the food chain a ways), and others avidly watched Dennis in those days, in a kind of awe. After nearly a decade of working on me, Dennis finally got me to go back to work for him. It did not last long, and it was on me: I really did not believe in the businessman’s path to free energy any longer, and had not since the Ventura days. During that stint with Dennis, I nearly went to prison for my trouble, as a highly sophisticated sting operation tried to entrap us, as billions of dollars were dangled before us. Gary, in the meantime, had finally had enough, planned to sell his gas station and store, and retire from earning a living, as he was in his 70s by then. But the gangster judges in Ventura County had another trick in store, which I will write about soon. Best, Wade
  13. Hi: When I left my home town in 1990, to never return, with my life shattered, I began the deep dive into a vast array of material, trying to make sense of what I had lived through. Before I met Gary, I did not know much about the JFK hit, other than my father’s telling me that the Warren Commission was a whitewash. I did not doubt Gary’s testimony on the John Tower conversation; it was the Rosetta Stone of my JFK studies. You could almost say that I assessed the JFK evidence in relation to Gary’s tale. If it aligned with it, I considered it potentially valid. The reality is that Gary’s story lends credence to the main lines of evidence on the JFK hit pursued by the independent researchers, including: CIA connection Mob connection, including Jewish mobsters Texas connection George Bush the First connection Oil industry connection Cuba connection FBI connection MIC connection The idea that the communist connection was a red herring About the only prominent scenario that it precludes is the official one: Oswald was the lone assassin. That said, I approached the issue like a scientist: I looked for any convincing evidence that could preclude Gary’s story (AKA “falsify”). I never found any. Also, over the years, more evidence has come to light that powerfully supported Gary’s story, such as the Operation Northwoods documents. Like so many people, Gary tried to solve the crime, with his hypothesis understandably revolving around Jewish mobsters, and Gary’s Jack Ruby connection is the centerpiece of that dot-connecting, which also assails the official position: that Oswald and Ruby were both lone assassins. The lesson, for me, is that not only was the official investigation a cover-up from the beginning, but that our retail political system is completely illegitimate, as the sitting president could be murdered in broad daylight in front of hundreds of witnesses, and it all got covered up. It looks like it worked so well that assassination as a domestic policy tool was used by the spooks for a generation, up to the Reagan attempt. That said, how did I go about it? I just looked at my JFK bookshelves, and I have more than 50 JFK books, a modest cache compared to those who have spent their lives studying the JFK hit. In those early days, I read Lifton, Groden, Livingstone, Garrison, Summers, Lane, etc., and I have the Warren Report on CD somewhere in my library. I studied the right and left in those days, subscribing to Lies of Our Times (LOOT) and Covert Action Information Bulletin, as well as The Spotlight, and I helped support Sheehan’s Christic Institute, before they were wiped out. I took it all in. Early in my studies, out came Oliver Stone’s JFK in 1991, which spurred a great flurry of activity in subsequent years, such as Clinton’s establishing the ARRB, and it has not died down all that much since then. The 21st century has seen JFK and the Unspeakable, The Devil’s Chessboard, and many other works. It has really been something to navigate that milieu. Ed Herman, Noam’s buddy, was LOOT’s editor, and one issue had a backyard photo of Oswald on its cover, and LOOT argued that the backyard photos were likely faked. The article came out before JFK did, and noted how the mainstream media was attacking JFK before the movie was even finished. For Ed’s part, although he was one of the more brilliant structural analysts, such as with his propaganda model, he was onboard with the idea that Oswald was no lone nut assassin, and he was quite intrigued with Gary’s account of the Tower conversation. In 1992, out came Russell’s The Man Who Knew Too Much. 1993 was a watershed year in the JFK issue, and out came: Peter Dale Scott’s Deep Politics and the Death of JFK Noam’s Rethinking Camelot Gerald Posner’s Case Closed In 1995, out came: Gaeton Fonzi’sThe Last Investigation Michael Collins Piper’sFinal Judgment In 1996, Michael Parenti wrote one of the more sensible essays on the subject, and his conspiracy-phobia essay on the Left is one of my favorites. In 1998, Fetzer and friends joined the fray with Assassination Science. In 1992, wrote my second “book,” which was really a diary of my days with Dennis and Ralph Hovnanian’s Medical Dark Ages quotes. Gary read my “book” twice, and we traded correspondence and phone calls fairly frequently in the 1990s. Piper was a reporter for The Spotlight, I believe that I heard of the book through that avenue, and I believe that Final Judgment is where I read, for the first time, that the mysterious “John” in Gary’s account was actually John Tower. When I read that, many pieces fell into place. Gary once told me that he gave the idea of Final Judgment to Piper, when he visited The Spotlight’s offices. There are plenty of YouTube clips by Piper, and you can hear him discuss his relationship with Gary. On one of the clips, Piper said that Gary took umbrage that his work was not emphasized enough, as if Gary was trying to sell more books, but I doubt it. Gary was trying to bring people to justice, not sell books so much. Gary similarly criticized Summers’s characterization of their discussions of Marilyn Monroe. While Gary was definitely promoting his version of connecting the dots, I always went back to the Tower conversation (and Gary’s encounters with Ruby). How did it fit with the best evidence? Amazingly well. I studied the backyard photo evidence, including Jack White’s work, and he gets credit for it, but he should have stopped there, IMO. He was advised early on to focus on one line of evidence and see where it took him, and he should have stuck to that. I first published my JFK chapters in June 2001, and 9/11 soon happened. As I looked into the 9/11 evidence, I ran across the Operation Northwoods documents, which were declassified by the ARRB, which powerfully corroborated Gary’s story. The Northwoods plan seems like the Pentagon’s version of Hunt’s grand plan. Everybody wanted to cook Castro’s goose in those days, which nearly led to a nuclear holocaust. While navigating that bewildering milieu, with all manner of people selling me their pet theories, I always stayed in close orbit to Gary’s testimony. I have other connections, which I will cover in this series of posts, but Gary’s testimony was always my bedrock, and lending credence to it (and perhaps some other angles, such as Doug Caddy’s testimony of his conversation with Hunt) is going to be my primary contribution to the JFK milieu. I’ll do my own dot-connecting, but not to solve the crime so much, but show how the official investigations were really cover-ups. There is a lot more to write. Best, Wade
  14. Hi: Before I get into my relationship with Gary after the Ventura days and my dive into the JFK evidence, and I keep my finger in that puddle to this day, I want to summarize how Gary and his John Tower conversation fit into my framework. I put Gary in a spectrum of so-called whistleblowers in my circles. A close relative was a whistleblower, a close friend testified in a famous whistleblower lawsuit, and I have been called a whistleblower, although I don’t consider myself an insider. Ralph McGehee was a whistleblower, until the CIA silenced him. Rodney Stich was a whistleblower (he died in 2015), who got taken to the cleaners by the gangster judges in California. Dennis wrote his two most important books while he was behind bars and was slowed down enough to write, while he blew the whistle on the people who ran the institutions where he was incarcerated, who not only threatened his life but repeatedly tried to get him killed by the inmates. Anybody who thinks that any of them just made up stories to sell their books has no idea how the world really works. They were on a battlefield in which their adversaries looked for any reason to silence them, including murdering them. The last thing that they would do is make anything up. Gary constantly waged lawsuits to get the evidence on the record, as the gangsters who ran the system shredded his filings, erased his testimony on the witness stand, and tried to kill him at least once. Gary died destitute, in exile in Oregon, with an arrest warrant for his wife issued in California, as the judicial gangsters stole his gas station and store from him, which I will get to soon. Ralph nearly did not survive his moment of awakening, and devoted the rest of his life to telling the American public what the CIA was really about. For that, he paid holy hell, and engaged in an epic legal battle to publish his book. I put Ralph on the scholarly end of the spectrum, similar to Ed and Noam, as Ralph’s work had to be highly scrupulous to make it past the CIA’s censors, and Ed and Noam’s work was constantly put under the microscope, to find any error that could be seized on, to attack and dismiss their work. I put Stich near their place on the spectrum, on the scholarly/conservative side, but Stich, like Gary, was far from an armchair scholar like Noam and Ed, or somebody like Ralph, quietly writing his memoirs. Stich got in way further than he would have ever imagined. Investigating airplane crashes was only the beginning, and his adventures took him into the dark world of CIA contract agents and the like, in which his informants and others in his circle ended up in prison or were murdered (and, as usual, made to look like something else, such as Paul Wilcher’s death). I guess that you could call Brian O a whistleblower, as his first book raised the curtain on the astronaut culture like no book since has, and Brian became such a NASA gadfly that they tried defrocking him repeatedly, and I had quite an adventure in getting his NASA bio published. Brian also died in exile, driven from his home nation, with his life shortened because of his adventures. When Dennis played promoter, he tended to gild the lily, and I was not happy with it and let him know it. He had no need to exaggerate; the straight truth was plenty spectacular enough, without resorting to exaggerating (and the game he played is partly why I am not with him anymore). That said, his books were conservatively written and well documented, and I put a lot of that documentation into my writings (here and here, for instance). Dennis played at a level far higher than Ralph, Gary, Stich, or Brian did, in which being offered a billion dollars to go away was simply part of the terrain. It could be tempting to put Gary on the more conspiratorial fringe of whistleblowers, but unlike almost all other so-called whistleblowers on the JFK issue, Gary claimed intimate knowledge that came in the direct aftermath, from some pretty amazing sources (Murphy, Decker, and Tower are not exactly fringe names), and Gary constantly waged lawsuits to get evidence on the record, and he tried to do so with the JFK evidence, even serving papers on Tower, who turned ashen-faced when that happened. In that light, not only is Gary’s Tower revelation relatively tame, it is not a big part of his work or mine, but rather more of an interesting sidelight. Even if I did not know Gary, people doing what he did do not make up events. That would give their adversaries the opening they would need to permanently silence them. I know that Gary would not have made up the Tower conversation, and that he recalled it to the best of his ability, when he wrote about it a decade later, late in his book, which he drafted between customers at his gas station and store. Best, Wade
  15. Hi Krishna: We will see what I add to my big essay. Maybe a little more on those subjects, but feeding the peasants is not a thrust of my work (the exchange game), but making them richer than Bill Gates, and only free energy can do that. Tverberg’s latest is the short version of my big essay, at least until free energy comes into the picture. OK, it is anecdote time. I periodically contact people who might be interested in free energy. They are few and far between to begin with, but Tverberg is a member of a milieu of financial bloggers who at least have some understanding of how our world really works, and they rightfully place the financial economy as a superficial exchange mechanism, not important in of itself, which is a sophisticated understanding that few of the financially trained ever learn. After years of reading those energy bloggers, I thought that somebody might be home. Wrong again. A few years ago, after my big essay was published, I contacted several of those leading energy bloggers, including one who actually writes that free energy is almost here. The only one that I heard back from was Tverberg, and while it was nice getting any reply at all, her response was to direct me to the Post Carbon Institute, where Richard Heinberg holds court. I had to laugh. This is how inbred the field is today. It is an improvement in ways over thinking that money means anything, but those people usually become Level 3s. Best, Wade
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