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Nic Martin

Nic Martin

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I'm 18, agnostic, militantly childfree ( basically someone that doesn't want kids - now, or ever ) living in a house of Lutheran Republicans, in a small town in Texas just north of Houston. I love reading, and collecting memorabilia relating to the Kennedy family. I'm sick of drama, and refuse to associate with people who dwell in it. I'm interested in a lot of subjects, as far as reading goes, but I always prefer history ( American, Italian, Egyptian, and of course - pop culture ) to fiction. My favorite actor is Al Pacino, and my favorite actress is Ava Gardner.

I'm currently in my freshman year of college, with plans on pursuing a history major, political science minor - and eventually getting a double-masters in history & archival studies. My dream job would be as an archivist at the JFK Library in Boston.

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