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  1. Are you still out there, 10 years after?

  2. Thank goodness. Vernon has a good mind, but chasing evidence to support an event that never happened would drive anyone crazy.
  3. "Jackie's Strength" by Tori Amos references it, as well as "Jackie O" by Strung Out, "The Motorcade Sped On" by Steinski & Mass Media contains several original news clips. "Jackie O" by The McCarthys references JFK's assassination. "Bobby Kennedy" by Black 47 references the JFK & RFK assassinations. Marilyn Manson's albums seem to reference the Kennedys quite often, as well - in the most bizzarre ways. "She's got eyes like Zapruder" was one lyric, I think.
  4. Thank you very much -- I'll file your concern for how I understand Dallas history, someplace! "...I understand why books with pet theories aren't sold..." What's that Single Bullet Theory called, again? Blood and guts on display, that's a problem in TEXAS? Surely you jest, Nic. I more classify "pet theories" along the lines of.. Walt Disney's cryogenically frozen head shot JFK from a UFO with a raygun. Not a theory widely published, even if it's disregarded by myself and the vast majority of researchers. An institution based on fact can't just sell any LSD-induced nonsense. And actuall
  5. The Unsolved History recreations of the SBT in Beyond the Magic Bullet were horribly deceptive It sounds like the RFK re-creation was a bit more honest, in that it showed that Cesar could have gotten away with it. Researcher John Hunt (a member of this forum) re-created part of the shooting in Dallas at the Lancer Conference...John Simkin was RFK and I was Paul Schrade. Hunt made a convincing case that at least one of the shots had a different trajectory than was proposed by Noguchi. I have a ton of newspapers from at the time that have some very interesting information, but I've been s
  6. There are certain things I understand why the museum did. For instance, the Zapruder film. Quite frankly, it's gruesome. I know hardened war veterans that wince when they see it. I don't want the President's head blowing up every six seconds on a loop. He's dead, we all know it, we all know he was shot in the head - and when I was there, the museum sold "Image of an Assassination" on DVD & VHS for those who were still morbidly curious. And, since it is a MUSEUM, facts ARE important - and thus, I understand why books with pet theories aren't sold. People expect things that have been histor
  7. Last I heard, he was taking his toys to another sandbox because he didn't like Mr. Simkin's policies - or was it that he thought the government was the cause of the last major forum blackout?
  8. "Unsolved History" is a series, they've also done one on the Alamo, etc. It's one of the better documentaries on the RFK assassinaton, I think, but I'm working on a big post that's going to reference that "pushed into Sirhan" theory.
  9. Wecht indicted, relinquishes medical examiner duties
  10. As moving as this is, Kennedy would have been killed whether Hill had gotten there or not, it'd just have been in the hospital or while giving a speech. They wouldn't have let him finish his administration.
  11. The reason Tim started this thread, I believe, was a shoot-off of my thread asking for questions to ask living witnesses. Thanks to a source, I came into Marina's address & phone number, and wanted to be sure I asked everything I wanted to know.
  12. For the record, John Jr's friend Robert Littell comments in his book that, when another rumor perked up about John running for President on TV, Littell laughed, then looked at John Jr who paused and then said, "You've gotta go home someday, right?" Maybe he'd have run, maybe not. We'll never know now, so no point in arguing it.
  13. I think both Clinton & Bush could have done more. Personally, I think all the way back to Carter, we should have been on the look out for something like this, and paid attention to every hint of a credible threat. I think we got really arrogant. I think we thought that nobody could hurt us, that nothing like 9/11 would happen because we're the all-powerful America. 2,000 American soldiers are dead, and that number will rise significantly before this war is over, which is a shame - no parent should have to bury their child, and no child should have to grow up alone. For perspective, Saddam
  14. Does anyone think it's possible that the real reason behind Tenet's resignation was related to this?
  15. Tim, if you found it in your head to make one comment without whining about my pro-choice stance, I'd die of shock at the ripe age of eighteen. Also, I'm not a feminist, nor have I ever claimed to be. I'm a girly-girl (high-end makeup, Victoria's Secret, and handbags), but I'm no-nonsense. Quite ignorant of you to assume that because I speak my mind, I have to be some bra-burning neo-nazi out to get your balls locked in an iron vice. Cute how, when you speak your mind, you want RESPECT - yet refuse to respect me for doing the same. Misogyny doesn't suit anyone well. Considering your inability
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