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Jamey Flanagan

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I can't exactly pinpoint when I became interested in the JFK assassination but it was shortly before the movie JFK came out in theatres. When it was released I was already familiar with some of the CT arguments. If the mock trial of Lee Harvey Oswald was before the release of the stone film then that might account for some of my knowledge of the case. I think a TV special called the JFK conspiracy came out before it too that may have been narrated by James Earl Jones. I saw it. I am 36 now, about to turn 37 so I was 12, about to turn 13 when I went to opening night of JFK. My mom had to give her permission at the front desk for me to watch the R rated film. My future High School History teacher was in attendance as well and I think he always liked me for having seen me at the viewing. Some of my favorite books on the case are Garrison's On The Trail Of The Assassins, Lifton's Best Evidence, Judyth Vary Baker's Me And Lee, and Lane's Rush To Judgment. I am very knowledgeable of the case and would love to communicate with others about certain aspects especially those with first hand experiences. I live in a small town in Alabama.

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