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Are John McCone and Maxwell Taylor off the hook?

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The books and essays that I've read by conspiracy theorists do not mention John McCone or Maxwell Taylor as suspects in having participated in the JFK assassination. Can we all conclude then that they are not suspects?

After all, RFK named his son after Taylor.

But wasn't Taylor a hawk anyway? Wasn't he all for bombing Cuba during the Missile Crisis as reflected in the transcripts of the Chiefs' conversations?

Didn't Taylor ignore JFK's peaceful approach to Vietnam?

"Taylor was of crucial importance during the first weeks and months of the Vietnam War. Whereas initially President Kennedy had told Taylor that "the independence of South Vietnam rests with the people and government of that country," Taylor was soon to recommend that 8,000 American combat troops be sent to the region at once." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maxwell_D._Taylor

The absolution of McCone and Taylor would be impressive as they were chief of the CIA and chief of the Joint Chiefs, respectively.

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