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Dan Stevenson

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I grew up in Berkeley, California in the 60s and 70s.

I was raised in a progressive household that was very active in the anti-war and civil rights movements.

My parents waited almost a full generation to have kids and then my brother was conceived shortly after JFK announced his candidacy. I was conceived just shortly before his death. There were no more kids. A family, whose inception almost perfectly brackets the Kennedy presidency.

I have a BA in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz 1987 and have studied current events and politics as well. I have a fascination for unsolved mysteries and a gift for solving them. To say I'm obsessed with the 3 assassinations of the 60s would be an understatement. It is my life purpose, especially now as I am very deep into researching a potential book.

I do not think it is irrelevant to study these things. It sharpens the mind and increases the capacity for critical thinking and discernment. It is the search for truth in all things that motivates my life and I am thrilled to have found my community.

I do not have any research or scholarly achievements in the area of the assassination but I have some knowledge and I am in the process of reading the entire JFK assassination thread history from 2004-present. I may not make it through but I would like to be well informed before posting.

I have some unique theories regarding the JFK events. I am currently looking at 3 areas that I think need further investigation: The continued post war political tension between the north and the south that drives a covert civil war in America today; The participation of the Dallas police that day; The possible involvement in occult ritual, Alien/ET and mind/control elements in the death of JFK.

I would love some of the better researchers on this board to look into the history of the south and the civil war and how those politics are connected to the event of modernity.

This film was recently published on youtube. It is a documentary that I think many will find interesting. It sums up my view of the broader and more specific issues involved in JFK's assassination.


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