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Short Film: ISIS

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I agree it is very important that people become aware of what is happening in this part of the world. I've been a supporter of the kurdish people for decades, since I first became aware of them during the war between iraq and iran (where the us supported saddam hussein) (the us had installed a ruthless dictatorship in iran (shah, peacock throne, savak) in '53 which progressive forces overthrew in '79 following which the long deadly war, with us support, was started during which the progressives in iran went to the front and died, defending the revolution, and the authoritarian regime in iran won ascendancy). The us likes these kind of authoritarian regimes becauser it allows the kind of patronising intervention not unlike the missionaries that followed the conquistadors in the rape of the americas. Colonialism at its worst. Bomb the xxxx out of a place, destroy and subvert resistance movements, create a mortal vaccuum where groups like pol pot or issi arise, let them get a foothold, intervene to 'put things right'. Disgusting. Better not to create the wrong in the first place!

The main resistance in 'kurdistan' (a stateless nation without borders, a place of mind) is led by the PKK and the guerillas that fight in turkey, iran, iraq and syria. The main part of these in many places are the womens battalions. Many of them are victims of isis. People across central asia (and now the world) are flocking to their supposrt to directly and indirectly participate in the struggle against this monster let loose by decades, centuries, of western intervention.

The best thing the west, and the us, can do is to support them and the best way they can support them is to stop meddling and to stop supporting repressive regimes. The women of the PKK are well aware of the problems they and their families face and go far in efforts to save their own, and in turn, imo, the world.

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Increase below to 300000 to stop the carnage // GAAL


Chinese peacekeepers to exceed 3,000 by year end

eng.mod.gov.cn › ... › Top News
Chinese Ministry of National Defense
4 days ago - The last echelon of the first Chinese peacekeeping infantry battalion consisting ... to the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization in the Middle East. ... Chinese peacekeeping troops have created "China speed", "China ...



Israel moves to cover-up its alliance with al-Qaeda in Syria (LINK)

Sedqi al-Maqet, a Syrian activist who lives in the Israeli-occupied part of Syria known as the Golan Heights was interned after a dawn raid on his home by Israel secret police at the end of February. Until quite recently, the Israeli media was absolutely banned from mentioning his case at all, even from referring or linking to foreign press reports on the issue.

Al-Maqet is a Syrian Druze from Majdal Shams known for his media activism and support of the Bashar al-Assad regime. He had published information online (including via his Facebook account) about contacts he said he had witnessed between Israeli armed forces in the Golan and what he termed terrorists active in the Syrian-controlled sector of the Golan.

As I have noted in this column before, Israeli military spokespeople have now admitted to what the reports of UN peace-keeping forces in the Golan have been implying for some time: Israel has an active alliance with the Nusra Front, al-Qaeda's official affiliate in Syria.

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