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Tim Gratz

Tim Gratz

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Timothy Gratz. 55 years old. Resides in Key West, Florida. Holds political science and law degree from University of Wisconsin. Reinterest in assassination sparked by reading "Searching for Ghosts in Key West" in Gaeton Fonzi's book. Member of Gordon Winslow's Southern Florida Reserarch Group.

Co-authored a series of five articles on possible Key West connections to the assassination, published in the Key West Citizen in November of 2003. (Co-author Mark Howell of the Key West Citizen.) Our articles are posted on the cuban-exile website. Really enjoy the Spartacus Educational website (and not just the JFK site and forum). Mark Howell, my co-author of the articles on the Key West connection to the assassination, hales from Wales and has a master's degree from Trinity College, Cambridge.

We are interested in the recent postings that started on Cesar Diosdado. He is still alive, we located him, sent him a letter, tried to interview him by phone but he refused. His visit to Veciana shortly after the assassination was interesting. I have my theories what that was all about. Whoever Bishop was, I don't think he was involved in the assassination or he would have been foolish to be seen with Veciana. But it seems very clear that CIA sent Diosdado to interview Veciana to determine if Veciana would report the sighting. Veciana did not at that time. Because of the CIA's compartmentalization, I doubt if the CIA person who ordered Diosdado to interview Veciana told Diosdado why, but it sure would be interesting to know who at CIA ordered the interview

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