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No one saw the rifle firing

Guest Mark Valenti

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Guest Mark Valenti

Mal Couch says he looked directly up at the TSDB and saw a rifle with a "gleaming" barrel. Camera in hand, he....didn't take any footage.

Reporters Jay Watson and Jerry Haines are standing directly in front of the TSDB, hear the shots, and with an unimpeded view of the sixth floor window...see nothing.

Same thing with several hundred other people lined up along Main Street. Nobody saw anyone firing from the window.

We do have Amos Euins claiming to see a shot fired.

But little Amos, according to his own testimony, had ducked down behind a column -- and there was NO WAY to see the window from behind it.

Other than this young boy's claim, isn't it interesting how no one saw the rifle actually being fired?

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Guest Mark Valenti

At approximately the :47 mark - "The shots rang out and that's when I got down."

Behind the pillar.

Not only was the pillar blocking his view, there were PEOPLE standing directly in front of the the pillar.

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I saw the President turn the corner in front of me and I waved at him and he waved back. I watched the car on down the street and about the time the car got back near the black and white sign I heard a shot. I started looking around and then I looked up in the red brick building. I saw a man in a window with a gun and I saw him shoot twice. He then stepped back behind some boxes.

I could tell the gun was a rifle and it sounded like an automatic rifle the way he was shooting. I just saw a little bit of the barrel, and some of the trigger housing. This was a white man, he did not have on a hat. I just saw this man for a few seconds. As far as I know, I had never seen this man before.

From the DPD affidavit of Amos Euins, Nov. 22, 1963.

Edited by Robert Prudhomme
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Guest Mark Valenti

"And I was waving, because there wasn't hardly no one on the corner right there but me."

Hmm...strike one.

Mr. SPECTER. How many shots did you hear altogether?
Mr. EUINS. I believe there was four, to be exact.

Strike two.

Mr. SPECTER. How far was it sticking out of the window would you say then, Amos?
Mr. EUINS. I would say it was about something like that.
Mr. SPECTER. Indicating about 3 feet?
Mr. EUINS. You know--the trigger housing and stock and receiver group out the window.
Mr. SPECTER. I can't understand you, Amos.
Mr. EUINS. It was enough to get the stock and receiving house and the trigger housing to stick out the window.
Mr. SPECTER. The stock and receiving house?
Mr. EUINS. Yes.

Strike three.

Mr. SPECTER. When you say the second--when you heard the second shot, when you say you were looking at the rifle, did you have the feeling that the noise came from the rifle when you heard the second shot, when you were looking at it?
Mr. EUINS. No, sir; I did not.

Strike four - one more than needed, for emphasis.

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