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The 2013 John Connally Clothing images

James R Gordon

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I have been doing some work on John Connally and I have collected many of the 2013 images for comparative purposes - and yes they are not of great resolution - however what I cannot find is an image of the entry wound through the back of the shirt. I have found many shirt images but I cannot find one of the back entry wound damage.

Has anyone got such an image?



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Hi James:

I will send you some images later today or over the weekend of this particular aperture. I have photographs of this area of the Connally shirt which I had taken at NARA in 1999. I also acquired some images from the Austin archives that you may have not seen.


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Good Day James .... Quick "'John Connally' +shirt" "images"-category extended search yielded the following online from when Connally's clothes were displayed in 2013.
Hopefully Gary's photos were captured much closer to Connally's back-near-right-armpit bullet entrance.
Best Regards in Research,

+ ++Don

Donald Roberdeau
United States Navy
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Thanks Don,

I have been thinking - recently - about the passage of the bullet through John Connally.

I note that the "Haag's" made a very convincing case that the Carcano bullet was prone to tumbling. I am not sure that is the case with regard to the internal injuries sustained by John Connally. Recently I came across a high resolution 2013 image of the inside of the jacket. Although it is not as good as another copy I have - but cannot use because of a standing agreement I have with the researcher - it is satisfactory for the purposes of my argument.

I accept the bullet may well have tumbled on its journey but I believe not while it was inside John Connally's body.

I also want to return to the argument when it was most likely that John Connally was wounded.

Gary Murr has always maintained that the damage to the clothing as well as the condition of the injuries tell us a lot about when John Connally was injured. I agree and getting good quality images will help a great deal.

Thanks for the image.


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