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Assessment in Music at KS3

Keith Havercroft

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Music for Teachers :) I am currently working with colleagues to try to achieve a higher degree of local moderation over teacher assessment in music at the end of key stage 3.

There is a wide variation between schools that are broadly similar in nature and I am hoping that a small working party will arrive at greater clarity than that which is available from the end of key stage levels of attainment in the national curriculum.

I would welcome hearing from others in the foundation subjects who have experienced similar difficulties.

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Yes, this is long overdue. QCA once brought out a CD with exemplar standards which became a National joke since they were way beyond anything most schools could produce.

I've been doing video of standards for KS3 work since September by filming pupils doing work of different standards. Teachers seem to find this very useful. Moderation between schools is a very good idea if you can get them all together which I've found difficult. I'm making a DVD with all the film clips on then distributing it to schools which should get round the problem of getting everyone together.

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