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A Review of the JFK Cranial x-Rays and Photographs

Greg Burnham

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I have just published the presentation of Neurologist, Dr. Michael Chesser, on the main website, which he delivered at the JFK Lancer Conference in Dallas this year. This is a MUST read, IMO.

We spoke on the telephone today and Dr. Chesser has agreed to join my forum and will answer any questions that you may have for him there.

A Review of the JFK Cranial x-Rays and Photographs

From the intro:

[Editorial note: The following presentation was prepared and delivered by neurologist, Dr. Michael Chesser, at the 2015 JFK Lancer Conference in Dallas, Texas. His work also supports the findings of Dr. David Mantik. According to Dr. Chesser: “I viewed the original autopsy skull X-rays at the archives this year [2015] and I confirmed [Mantik’s] optical density readings of the lateral skull film, which support his conclusion that there was manipulation. Hopefully there will come a time when better copies of the autopsy x-rays and photographs will be made available for review by a wider audience and the evidence will speak for itself. I applaud Dr. David Mantik for his courage in reporting the truth.” While there are many debatable items of evidence in this case, many of which cannot be proved one way or another, the medical evidence has now been subjected to scrutiny by several eminently qualified medical experts and a physicist. Dr. Michael Chesser demonstrates, among other things, that these rather disturbing findings are replicable. We thank him for his good work and dedication to the truth.– Greg Burnham]

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