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Richard Price

Richard Price

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I am a 60 yr. old soon to be retired (hopefully) postal worker from north Georgia (US). I was only 8 yrs. old when JFK was assassinated, but almost 13 when RFK was killed. Even at this early age, I realized something wasn't right in this country. I began what has been virtually a lifetime of pursuit of answers. I have read or watched virtually everything I could find on both assassinations given my limited financial capabilities. I have developed an analytical mindset due to my interest in Sherlock Holmes, computer programming and mysteries in general. This, I use in my study of the Assassinations. To this point in time, I have monitored this and a couple of other forums (JFK Lancer & ROKC) for information and ideas by others with much more insight and access to materials and subjects of interest. By gaining membership, I hope to be able to assist in finally achieving a "tipping point" and get to the real truth of the assassination(s).

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