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Time between Tippit shooting and arrest

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I've always been puzzled by the idea that Oswald traveled the 10 or 12 blocks from N. Beckley to 10th and Patton in only a few minutes (if you believe he left N. Beckley shortly after 1:00 and Tippitt was shot at 1:10 at the earliest and 1:16 according to the official record), and yet it took him the better half of a half an hour to go the six blocks from 10th and Patton to the Texas Theater.

Leaving aside for the moment whether Burroughs sold him popcorn at 1:15, or that Oswald sat next to Jack Davis at the theater earlier than that:


The police dispatch tapes reports him ducking into the Theater at 1:44 PM.


If it wasn't Oswald at the Theater, then who was running around Oak Cliff in that half an hour, and why would it take him so long?

Steve Thomas

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