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Read the Article "I Accidentally Found a New JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theory"

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I wanted to post this here just to make it available to EF. At least in my mind, whatever was written in the White House movie theater log book was an innocent error. So I'm not sure if the article's author is playing games and being snarky (most probably both) or is genuinely curious how the "JFK" entry in the log book came to be. But later in the article, he does reveal himself to be quite "playful" (i.e., snarky) when he says:

"As I said, I’m not really a Kennedy assassination conspiracy buff. There are all kinds of theories about who “actually” killed Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone? Was the CIA involved? Was Lyndon B. Johnson on the grassy knoll with a raygun? I have no idea. But I do know that this log book is strange."

And, of course, the article's headline is especially abominable and extremely click-baity. But I guess that's the way it is in today's money-grubbing media world.

There's one interesting photo that accompanies the article. It shows the theater on the day a birthday party for both of Kennedy's kids was held. You can make out John, Jr., in it and the rocking chair - probably Kennedy's - is a sad reminder of what might have been. Yet, the photo also gives me a sense of life goes on even after a terrible tragedy.

PS - I used to post replies on the Gawker Media websites a couple of years ago, but then they came up with this horrible system that basically plays favorites with their favorite few. I think they did this to appease their advertisers. Anyway, I've since given up trying to get my comments there posted. I would have loved to have commented on the article something along the lines of "Stop being ridiculous about this event for the sake of a few clicks." What's amazing to me is the nerve someone would make jokes about this and yet, in the photo, there's two kids in it who will never see their Dad again.

UPDATE 1 - after posting this, I just noticed the caption for the photo says "1962." I've reach out to NARA, just for my own curiosity, to see if that's correct and if it is, I'm not sure why the author would use that photo in his article.

UPDATE 2 - the JFK Library replied to my email and confirmed that the caption in the above story is correct. It was taken in 1962 so the birthday party in the theater as seen in the photo does not depict an event with a veil of sorrow hanging over it. However, I do question why the article's author would include it in his story.

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