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  1. Seriously, Vince? You're taking this statement and making it sound as if Somersett had some kind of "inside knowledge." He could have simply meant that when the SS receives credible threat that they beef up security. When they don't, then they take the standard precautions. That statement could be interpreted any number of ways, Vince. And like I said on another thread, the security that day was no better or worst than any other day. The proof is in these photos and you can go to any number of other motorcades prior to Dallas and those photos look more or less the exact same way as the
  2. I'm stating, not claiming, your "it's fake" claim is bogus.
  3. It's not fake, Cliff. You're muddling the picture with this. Humes said that wound did not terminate so what does that mean? No SBT. Period. And you seem to think that 1960's technology could magically move a bullet wound around. Give it a rest.
  4. Here are two of my favorite photos of the motorcade: It sure seems the cyclists are doing their job here and Greer has his door open to push the crowd back. But what about the folks on the bus? I think all of this discussion about, "Oh, the SS backed off opening the way to the murder" is pure speculation. As Kennedy himself said - it'd be easy to get him from a tall building with a rifle. What no one seems to want to say here is that times were very, very different back then. Unlike today, with nuts running around shooting into crowds and running people over, it was a
  5. Sure looks to me like it could be her, Bart. Animated GIF below... The hairline and body shape are pretty spot on. Andrej, you're simply grasping for invisible straws here. Your boxes are basically empty black holes with nothing in them. I understand you're frustrated because several researchers have proven that you tried to lie with your 3D animation by stretching a leg way down onto the second step to "prove" that it's Oswald. Please be honest now and admit that your animation was incorrect. And to Brian Doyle, who I know lurks on here, then goes running over to the ot
  6. I would like to congratulate Dave L on his reply to Jim DiEugenio's post here in his attempt to hold Jim to a higher standard when it comes to the Kennedy case. I would like to take a moment, fellow EF members, to mention this because it's important to take the evidence and clues in the case and not revert to wild speculation. As much as I believe that Jim Eugenio has written some important analysis on the case, I recently came across a thread on EF where it seems like he is "all Kennedy, all good, all of the time" with no bend or let up in his thinking regarding the Kennedy family; in other w
  7. Reading briefly through this thread, it appears there is really no consensus as to how we got to Elm St. that day. Ty did you not see the photo showing there is no way to drive down Main and be able to cross over to Elm? It's physically impossible to do unless Greer wanted to tear out the oil pan on the Lincoln.
  8. So let me get this straight... There was no way to cross over from Main due to the curb. They didn't want him on that route since it would take him through wino country. So they figure to send him down Elm onto the Trade Mart. And this is....sinister? I don't get it.
  9. So I guess you DO believe the tales of intrigue regarding the Oswald clone, contrasty photos and sloping shoulders - HA hilarious! Truer words!
  10. Cliff - I don't think you understand what Jim meant. What he meant by "bye bye" is that there is an Ignore button. Everyone - from Jim to the loons such as David Josephs and Jim Hargrove to others - are asking the admins to either explain to them how to ignore you or how to use their shiny and magical Ignore button that's built into this forum system. So your posts are, literally falling on deaf/blind ears. They simply want to live in their one-way echo chambers now and want to ignore ALL dissent to their theories about the Kennedy case. Of course you're free to continue to post but wh
  11. It wouldn't have worked. There's a median curb separating Elm from Main as seen in the photo below. I guess back then there was no such thing as gentrification LOL
  12. John, there was no cosmic or any other unseen forces in play that day. It was just another day where a president of the US drove down the street in his car and got his head blown off. Nothing was removed from the Moorman photo. Although it's hard to see, you can see the sign and then where the bystanders (mostly women) were standing there. I've highlighted one for you to see. It's just an angle that makes a group of folks look obvious in one photo and scarce in the other. So let me get this straight - John Butler posts something here and Dave Josephs, who posted "It's all in
  13. Do you EVER NOT agree with people here? Seriously, it *always* seems like you agree with others here. And seriously, this is not a flippant question. I *seriously* would like to know LOL
  14. For an alternative viewpoint, and one less sinister, here's Dealey Plaza today... If you look at Main Street beyond the underpass, there's a wall there. You cannot "turn right" onto the highway to get to the Trade Mart. Now, this is 55 years later but folks may also want to look at those photos taken right after the shooting down beyond the underpass looking back on Dealey - I haven't looked at them but if Main is showing in any of those photos and you could not get over to Elm from it to go on to the TM, then that may explain the reason for the route change. Of course, beyond Deale
  15. Hi Bernie - you've raised some interesting points here, especially the possibility that LHO was set up at the last minute vs. not being the long-term patsy. What leads me, personally, to believe he was the only one and being the long-term one is what we can go by based on actual things that happened such as him stirring up trouble in NO, the handing out of the leaflets, and getting himself on television as the "crazy Communist." Of course there could have been other "crazy Communist" patsies out there who also did something similar but their little "15-minute" event is gone forever so w
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