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  1. Paul, I agree and perhaps what the zooming did not show. I went back and reviewed Z frames 254 to 350. Zooming occurs here to show the contents of the p. limo and possibly hide something (Like Bill Newman not really being there). I believe that is correct rather than Zapruder camera wandering off target or losing balance for that length of time. It's like the camera jiggles that folks talk about. It could simply be Zapruder's aide steadying him as he is filming. All is that is arguable. When you look closely at the content of many Z frames something is always awry. For instanc
  2. On the Authenticity of the Zapruder Film The next pictorial presentation is based on what David Joseph said about Z 001 as a start up frame and Z 133 not being a startup frame after the Zapruder Gap . In other words the frames in the Zapruder Gap have been excised from the film and Zapruder did not shut his camera down for a brief time. Frame Z 001 is a start up frame and is lighter in color than the others. The next Frame 002 is similar to all the other Zapruder frames and particularly like Z 133. The reason I started this comment if that I didn't realize why I rejected
  3. Chris, The wheels go missing about z 256 and come back about z 350. Very well could be the limo stop is the reason, but there are other considerations. First off one could have a good excuse to say well that's why we don't see Bill Newman or One-armed Bill Newman as the p. limo passes him. Another set of missing characters are the 2 or 3 men on the sidewalk coming down from the parking lot. Your video showed that they should be seen. There could be other things. As I study the Zapruder film I get closer and closer to John Costella's idea that the film was built from the ground u
  4. I ran across this while re-reading through the thread. This is somewhat speculative. There is some evidence to support the next statement, but not enough to stake a firm position on. It could be because she thought the assassination was at the corner of Houston and Main and later down Houston at Houston and Elm. This is what I read from her testimony when first given. She lied to the FBI about not taking photos or films on 11-22-63. I wrote a note on this: " Marie Muchmore: A second look at truthfulness Part I From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia “Muchmore was an em
  5. Joe is right. There are over 105+ witnesses that say the Zapruder film is junk fraud. These 105+ witnesses were "ruthlessly cherry picked" from all of the witnesses in Dealey Plaza. They were "ruthlessly cherry picked" based on the question asked of witness testimony "Where was the p. limo when you heard shots?". Two very able researchers concluded that many of the frames in the Zapruder film were missing. I reminded them of the Zapruder Gap of about 15 seconds. When I added up their numbers with the numbers from the Zapruder Gap I saw that more than half of the film was missing. I
  6. Steve T., Didn't Worrell in his testimony say he was at one point leaning back against the building?
  7. Eddy B, She made her statement saying the things she said about the shooting sequence within a few short hours of the assassination, possibly two. She never changed her testimony over the years. I don't know what sequence she said the shots were in, but she said there were 3 or 4. That's at least 2 or 3 after the headshot. She makes a xxxx out of the Zapruder film or vice versa. Pat Speer's diagram above lends credence to what she said.
  8. Chauncy Holt: Assassin, or alternative Patsy, or both? Holt said in a video interview with Wm Dankmar (sp) that he was in the boxcar he was instructed to hide out in if there was trouble. He was in the boxcar by 12:31 or 12:32. What if he was in that boxcar before 12:30. What if that boxcar was on the Triple Underpass and he was a member of one of the shooting teams in the assassination. Holt was a weapons expert and an expert marksman. According to his stories be was a lookout for the killing of Bugsy Siegel, a member of a 5 man assassination team sent to Guatemala in 1953 or 1
  9. Jonathan C., About being in Dealey Plaza as one of the Tramps, I agree with you, but for different reasons. Chauncy Holt was a career criminal and a long time CIA agent. Anything he says has to be looked at very carefully. Chauncy Holt was in New Orleans and was in contact with and close proximity to Oswald in a film in front of the New Orleans Trade Mart. This was a dying man at the end of his life in the interview in the video Spooks, Hoods, and JFK. Perhaps, he wanted to be truthful for once. He died 8 days later. On the other hand, Chauncy Holt was a very loyal pers
  10. Jamey F, Right. I'm a strong supporter of the Harvey and Lee scenario. I don't want to say theory. It is more than a theory. I have one or two differences with the Harvey and Lee folks. I don't contest it because their version is factual to the point in what they are saying. I'm just going a little further on certain things based on my interpretation of the evidence.
  11. This is a bit off bringing up the double Oswalds. Reasoning that if you were an assassin bent on shooting Kennedy wouldn't you be on the 6th floor waiting to do that? The motorcade was due to pass the depository somewhere around 12:00 or 12:10. Why would Oswald be downstairs at 12:15 to 12:25 when he should be upstairs watching out the window on the sixth floor armed and dangerous? It could be there was one Oswald upstairs and another downstairs providing an alibi for the two. Many researcher believe that there were at least two Oswalds at the TSBD because of the way they left the d
  12. MOORMAN's Highlander Model 80A Polaroid camera was designed to accept Polaroid's series 30 film and produced eight prints.
  13. Karl, Yeah, her camera model was mentioned and analyzed in some thread some time back. I don't recall what the thread was. She had the new or newer model of the Polaroid in 1963. I believe she just bought it before the parade. Mary Moorman was consistent in what she said about the assassination throughout the years. The only thing I remember her saying (which I can't verify since I don't recall the video this was from. It was not important at the time. I didn't make the connection until later. This was sometime after the assassination she and Jean Hill were being interviewe
  14. James Worrell’s location James Worrell said where he was located in his Warren Commission testimony when asked Arlen Specter: CE 360 shows the location of the vehicle talked about by Specter and Worrell. The X puts him in the middle of the window: A crop and mag of this photo shows this in a clearer light: The Betzner photo shows the area better than other photos or frames. Here is a crop and mag of Betzner: This Betzner crop is different from other depictions of this area. More in a moment. Just as an aside this photo by Betzner has two per
  15. No, unless I am recalling wrongly. It takes about 10 seconds for the camera to process a Polaroid shot before it is taken from the camera. This is why Moorman had only the one shot of the shooting sequence. If the film came out instantly she may have had time to take a second photo. OBTW, Moorman's Polaroid says the Zapruder film is wrong in it's shooting sequence. Moorman said she heard the first shot when she took her photo and 2 or 3 more afterwards. (3 or 4 shots) Definitely not in tune with the Zapruder film and others.
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