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  1. James "Ike" Altgens was a photo editer for the AP and he was stationed at the Dallas Morning News. From Wikipedia: "James William "Ike" Altgens (/ˈɑːlt.ɡənz/;[1] April 28, 1919 – December 12, 1995) was an American photojournalist, photo editor, and field reporter for the Associated Press (AP) based in Dallas, Texas, who became known for his photographic work during the assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy (JFK). Altgens was 19 when he began his AP career"
  2. Has the holster been mentioned before? I don't recall any mention previous to this.
  3. That is if you accept the BYPs as authentic. Oswald didn't and said so. I know they are fakes just by inspecting the shadows in the photo. Noted earlier by others. It has already been noted by others that the BYP rifle was not the one Oswald was alleged to have bought. Oswald said he did not own a rifle. Marina said he did. Her part in this was keeping the investigation pointed away from the Soviet Union. She would and did say things that would have convicted Oswald in a court or in public's mind.
  4. Maybe or Maybe not? I recall Oswald being shown a BYP on the 23rd or Saturday after the assassination (perhaps Friday evening after the detectives returned from Ruth's garage). He said it wasn't him, but someone had pasted his head unto another's body. In time he would show this as a fake. (another example of face masks as routine to change the identity of a person in a photo) Someone had to make the BYPs and store them in Ruth Paine's garage. Just prior to the assassination, or at some earlier time. Who stored the BYPs? If Oswald didn't who? Marina says he did. Of course, Marina would have said anything to remain in the US and not have to return to Russia with her children. Her duty was to keep track of Oswald. She was seen as a spy by the FBI, Hosty. If I am recalling Chris Bristow correctly, he noted through sun angles in the photo that would suggest March/April as one time and then Sept./Oct. as another.
  5. Are there any visuals of these ads in In the 1963 American Rifleman editions? Surely, since this list is based upon the ads in each addition of American Rifleman there should be the ads themselves as seen in a copy of that magazine. Show the ads. Let's see them in all their glory. Otherwise, this list should be viewed with skepticism and simply not factual but as said hearsay.
  6. From: "Prayer Man: Exoneration of Lee Harvey Oswald Tuesday, August 23, 2016 “The early interrogation reports were sketchy, but they do shed light on where Lee Oswald said he was. According to the notes of Police Captain Will Fritz, Oswald claimed to be out in front with his boss, Bill Shelley.” There is only one time that Oswald could be outside on the steps with Shelley. That is during the P Parade as stated by Hosty. Shelley and Lovelady left the steps after the shooting. If Oswald came out late then Shelley and Lovelady were gone presumably to the railroad yards. But, probably back into the building.
  7. David, I have no animus towards you. Different people see different is true. I too wish to avoid any more H & L posts. But, you cannot deal with the TSBD without realizing there were two Oswalds there at the time of the assassination. The last thing I would want to do is start and argument over aspects of the TSBD, or continue on with H & L points. That ended with Jim Hargroves quit the fight with some of the opponents of the theory. Best wishes JRB
  8. This is from Elsie Dorman showing Vimes and the two ladies. They were on the SW corner when the assassination occurred. This Dorman frame is just a few seconds from the p. limo entering the intersection of Houston and Elm. They must have crossed over to Elm when the motorcade was halted on Houston St. One can easily see Lloyd Vimes as the man behind Doorway Man. That is like the "two" Algens in the Zap film.
  9. I stand by what I posted. Some of your images and descriptions I find unconvincing. A number of conclusions are not too different from what I posted. "you are once again using the poorest quality source material you can find." As far as my image of Doorway man crop, it is not the poorest image found. It is from this very clear Altgens 6 photo. This image is less than the one I used. A reduction of 3 times its original size. It is reduced to meet forum standards on size: The crop you say is the poorest image is better than yours. Your image has been altered further from the original Altgens 6 photo. Note the shoulder and sleeve. Your image is altered by giving Doorway Man an extra shoulder that cuts across the suited man behind him in covering his suit coat. That's not what is seen in my crop showing Doorway Man from a very clear Altgens 6 photo. Here, I feel that your image is better for seeing all the splices in the Towner photo/frame. But, the image I provided is taken directly from the Towner film and is of better quality. You show many splices in your photo/frame. However, the Dallas Police are still there. The Towner film frame contains an anachronism. It also shows white hatted Dallas Police that were not there at the time of the assassination. They are the anachronism. They should not be there when the p. limo passes by. In the Hughes film compare, you cannot tell whether that is Lovelady, or an Oswald being portrayed as Lovelady. It will not successfully blow up for a comparison. Been there done that and not gotten an answer to whether that is an Oswald or a Lovelady. Actually David Josephs said and not Chris. Could be Harvey or could be Lee? Which one in the doorway? There is too much WC material to objectively rule out the bus/cab ride for an Oswald. Two Oswalds at the TSBD and it is hard to figure who went which way. If I had to make a choice, I would go with Lee entering the Nash on Elm Street seen by Roger Craig. A question for you: Which of the two, Harvey or Lee was the camera buff with all the cameras?
  10. Here's Andre's model: And, then we have that wonderful animation, the Towner film: This is taken directly as the p. limo passes the doorway. The people shown in Altgens 6 are not there. What we see are white objects I take to be Dallas Policmen's hats once they are connected to the black uniforms below. Can you explain this as a non-alteration as the p. limo floats dreamily by. Where are the Altgens 6 people? ? ?
  11. There were two Oswalds at the TSBD during the assassination. One left by bus/cab and another by Nash Rambler. From the John Martin film I have identified Prayerman as being on the street by the trees at the corner of the west TSBD as the p. limo passes by. He appears to be taking photos with camera flashes. That excludes him from being Doorway in Altgens 6. Because of the shooting of the President in front of him he runs to the doorway for cover and concealment from the shooters. He beats Baker and Truly there. Doorway man is not Billy Lovelady. He is an unknown. Cutouts/facemaks/composites are standard techniques in photo alteration. Just check the BYPs man. Or, early photos of Oswald which are said to be composite. If you can't see the mask there in Altgens 6 when it is so badly done I haven't nothing more to say. There may be the possibility of the second Oswald being Doorway Man. This would require the other to cover for him. But, he had been doing that for years. Oswald didn't have apple cheeks and such a narrow chin. That is abnormal in appearance. Look at the difference in the lighting of the mask and the rest of the face of Doorway Man. Another thing you may notice is his deformed, abnormal shoulder that slopes way down below his breast area. It is cut straigh downward.
  12. Chris, I usually don't pay much attention to Robin Unger's posts since in my opinion they are biased in one direction. Bell on the grass could not have seen or filmed the west rail of the railroad bridge. To see the 140 feet across the TU then one has to be at a higher elevation. There are structures in the way from his position on his perch. That's a fact. Here's is what made me think about this.
  13. To further amplify on this I have prepared the following: Bell Possible Fraud This is a photo from Jay Skaggs catching one of the press cars, and across Houston Street, four photographers including Mark Bell. This was after another photo showing the president. By this time the p. limo must be approaching the intersection by Bell's direction. The first question to ask here is how could Bell film to the Triple Underpass through the Arcade structure, tree, and sign without including those in the film? I don’t have an aswer, but it is very suspicious. Here is what we see in a Bell frame that includes the Triple Underpass: You can see across the railroad bridge, 140.16 feet from the east rail to the west rail. Is that possible at a 5, or 6 feet height of his perch? Someone should take a Bell camera and see if that is possible. Altgens 7 is clearly a fraud. In Altgens 7 we can see the west rail of the railroad bridge. There is nowhere in Dealey Plaza on the ground you can see the west rail of the railroad bridge, particularly from Altgens position on Elm Street. It takes height to see across the 140.16 feet, as measured by Google Earth Pro, of the railroad bridge. The question is how much height? Well, David Von Pein may have the answer. Here is a 1954 image of the Triple Underpass. It was probably taken from the Court Records Building at a height of about 30, or perhaps 40 feet, or more feet. This is reminiscence of the Bell frame. Again, Is the Bell film real or an altered product to show the railroad men on the underpass? This would be to confirm Altgens 7, an obvious fraud. This is why we often see a crop of the photo rather than the whole photo. I will believe it is real if someone goes down to Dealey Plaza gets on that perch with a Bell camera and duplicates the film. At this point, at least to me, the Bell film is a fraud designed to match and give credence to the Altgens 7 photo. And, the idea there were railroad men on the bridge at the time of the assassination.
  14. Bonney Ray Williams locked the elevator to the 5th floor when he came down from the sixth about 12:15 or 12:20. There he joined Norman and Jarman. In my opinion that was to keep anyone from disturbing what was happening on the 6th floor.
  15. Pat, Then why was the elevator stuck on the 5th floor?
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