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  1. Thank you Richard, I never thought about camera angles. What I thought about is a 50 foot tree in Dealey Plaza. How do I know its 50+ feet? Well count the floors on the TSBD. I believe they were at least 10 feet or slightly more. Look at the Polaroid and count floors. Tony Krome explained that this next photo was from 1977 from a movie The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald. This is 14 years later and trees are still not 50 feet on the west side of the TSBD. That includes camera angles. Well, if a graphic artist didn't paint it then maybe fairies did it. Why? Because
  2. People really need to look at some of these old photos and film frames with a questioning mind. This montage compares the tall tree covering the west side of the TSBD shown in the Moorman Polaroid above and reality. The tall tree shown in the Glen McBride Polaroid did not exist. It was put there by a graphic artist to cover up something. Perhaps shooters looking out a window on the west side.
  3. This is from the JFK movie? or some other? The later Z frames indicate she returns and sits basically where she was at prior to going onto the trunk. I don't know of any other films that would show that. Do you know the date of this photo. When was it taken. Look at the trees on the west side TSBD and note how tall they are in comparison to the Moorman photo of Glen McBride.
  4. Yes. The VP's vehicle. Different roses. No jump seats. I don't think she sat in what was shown in my post as the bottom photo. I did work on this sometime back and came to a different conclusion based on how she appeared after the assassination in various photos she can be seen in where her outfit is not as badly messed as it would be if she did sit in that mess. That may suggest the "mess" was put there in the garage later. Either way something is fishy. In these photos you can only see her from the left in two of the above. Her left hip and rear should be ba
  5. Thanks, I have been informed this was the VP's vehicle. Thanks again.
  6. There is no sound in the video. I'm working off a new computer which I haven't fully changed to my way of doing things. It seems just about every update from MS makes it harder to operate a computer the way you want to. I checked the sound. I have sound. The lack of a jump seat indicates this is the VP's vehicle. Next question? Was the VP at Parkland? Can't recall.
  7. Thanks Richard. My point was why use this if it was at Parkland Hospital. If this is the VP's car then there might be some sense in the way it was framed in the video. But, I don't know if this was mentioned in the video. I will go back and look.
  8. If so, then it would be inappropriate to show this as if it was at Parkland. The interior has flowers and that's just about all you can see. If this is the p. limo that was in the JFKA then they did a remarkable job of cleaning it.
  9. This is a frame from the Unger video. There were frames/scenes at Parkland before the p. limo frame/scene. Then there were more frames/scenes showing the ambulance entrance to Parkland. I wondered the same question. Does this represent the p. limo at Parkland? I posted it with another look at the p. limo in the garage in Washington I believe. The photo that shows the mess in the p. limo after the assassination.
  10. My take on the film is that it is the government's (executive branch agencies) explanation for the public to explain what happened in Dealey Plaza. Whose going to read the Warren Report? Not the general public. The reason for alteration is they, the planners, did not know exactly how the assassination would turn out. They had general parameters in their plan. They wanted the assassination to be done by a lone nut shooter and the film had to conform to it. They had used this assassination technique before and would use the patsy aspect again later. The true genius of the film was its hor
  11. I don't get this. I don't believe it. This is a shot of the interior of the p. limo. Just before this there was scenes at Parkland where the ambulances enter. Then, after this scene were more frames of Parkland. Is this what we are supposed to believe rather than this: I don't believe this photo anyway. Simply, from the appearance of Jackie Kennedy, she could not have sat in that mess.
  12. I still don't know who Ralph Cinque is. Since this is about the third time I have been mentioned as some kind of Ralph Cinque or in the reference of Ralph Cinque, I should look him up. I'm proud to be put into the same context as Jack White and James Fetzer. Both men are important researchers and should not be slandered by anyone.
  13. Chuck, This frame is from the AMIPA film shot on Main Street. That dark circle spot on Kennedy's head looks like it is in the exact same place as the autopsy photo showing a triangular cut and wound there. Ron Bulman sometime back mentioned a De Lisle Carbine. This was a .45 caliber weapon that was sound suppressed. It was invented by the British during WWII to kill sentries and other enemy targets. Allegedly, a .45 caliber bullet was found in Dealey Plaza. Kennedy's confusion and disorientation may be the reason he continues to smile and wave at the crowd. If that is
  14. I always thought this was a really strange item pertaining to photographs. There were about 14 people on Houston Street and Elm Street with cameras who are unknown. We known nothing about their photographic material. There were spotters on the ground that day. A source told the ARRB there may have been as many as 50 military photographers there that day filming. I suppose they also could of acted as spotters. All of the major films were under government control at one time for alteration. Just look at them. 8 films have disruptions at the same location, in front of the Co
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