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The Backyard Face vs The Mug Shot

Chris Bristow

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I wanted to make comparisons between Oswald's pupillary distance in his mug shot vs the backyard photos. So I thought I could skip matching the size of the two by using the photos from the last Dartmouth study of Oswald's chin.
Well those two photos have some problems. You can match the height or the width but not both. There is a mismatch of about 15% to 18%. Here is a short slideshow comparing Oswald facial dimensions. Comparing Oswald height and width and pupillary distance in his mug shot shows it is inconsistent with the backyard image. While the width of the mug shot (ear to ear) is within a 6% of the backyard image, the mug shot face is 15% taller.
The structure of the backyard image with its narrow P.D. and wide face looks very similar to the photo of the Oswald impersonator from the Mexico consulate. The shape of the narrow brow and the wide cheeks looks very similar to me.


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