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It's a Corker?

Harry J.Dean

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It is now another Mormon listed for U.S. Secretary Of State, the three are, Mitt Romney, Robert 'Bob' Corker and John Huntsman 

known representatives of the powerful, long embedded, LDS Mormon Church throughout every level of U.S. Government!.The LDS

is the only religion having the following ..

 POLITICAL MANIFESTO. "All Mormons must consult their ecclesiastical superiors to obtain permission  before accepting

any appointments that might interfere with their religious duties".


Must President-elect Trump bow or agree to such demand by Romney, to place church at such total influential leadership

of U.S. Government  as U.S. Secretary-Of-State! 





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Real slick operation , Mormon church via Romney got their Boy Scout, Oil King, agent in

to the highest official position of U.S. Government and Trump thinks he can control the Mormon

church conspiracy. Or does he?.

Every report on Rex Tillerson after being named U.S. Secretary Of State went silent on his being

a Mormon, except the BSA 'Boy Scouts Of America' information. We/you are in big trouble.

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